Do you want to Top Class?

Intelligence Quotient mostly written in abbreviated form is one of the means to asses your Intelligence. So, basically intelligence is the ability to perceive, the ability to form meaningful relationships between things, the ability to know, reason and remember. Basically your genes have a huge impact in your intelligence. To calculate your IQ, you require two factors; your mental age and chronological age. The mental age indicates the level of intelligence acquired and the chronological age is the actual age. To find the mental age specific standardized tests are carried out. If you have a value around 90-109 then that the average value. The more the IQ the more intelligent you will be.

Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002) criticizes the IQ in his book “Mismeasure of man in his book. The sole propose of calculating the IQ is to assess your mental capability and to plan your life accordingly. Based on your IQ you apply to professional colleges. A social difference is created among those that have a high IQ and those that have a low one. Why should a low IQ child be send to special schools when he can also perceive in the same school as the others? IQ has become the sole factor to determine your viability in the society these days but it not only the IQ that really determines how you become in the society, other factors like how you develop personal, social behaviors and language development have equal importance.

The Smarter One!

Parents who are frustrated with their children over not having a high IQ are just wasting their worries! What you need is to give your child is love, proper social environment for his or her development to develop motor skills and what I personally think is that what I am today is due to my parents, they provided a safe environment and resources like the internet, books, trips to educational centers and the ancestral knowledge which they passed all helped me in achieving the IQ that I have today.


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