Do You Talk about Meat?

It’s very hard to find a lead for this topic, how many of you have talks on meat? Do you ask questions like how much meat did you eat today? How was the meat dish today? Will you be having meat tonight? I could not recall any meat related conversation with anyone. I know my Op-ed teacher would not like the way I started this but it’s worth a try! The only thing that I can remember about meat is how it should be hygienically proceed and how a hygienic slaughter house should be and the diseases transmitted through meat.

Mapping out the origin of meat eating is pretty simple, our ancestors consumed it as their primary food for generations before they realized that vegetables where consumable as well. Meat is one of the simplest means to get Protein in your diet and a balanced diet chart even suggests you to consume animal products on a daily basis. Meat is widely available everywhere in the world; even the holiest palaces like temples make sacrifices and have the meat offered to god. Similarly the Muslims perform the tedious process of scratching every inch of the skin of the animal before processing. Every religion has beliefs about how and which meats can be consumed. Hindus worship cows and Pigs are disregarded by Muslims. If you look at the science behind it, a cow provides you milk which is one of the cheapest means to get protein, so why kill the poor animal for meat when other poultry are available? Everyone knows the Journey of Pigs, they basically live in filth and they are likely source of parasitic infestations.

However, all around the world there are many animal activists who worry about animal rights. They believe that animals have feelings as well just like humans. Many of them ask “who taught you to be inhumane?” I could not answer that question, because it’s just a digestive process that I do now and then. I was very much inspired by Gary Yourofsky and his speech that he made to a bunch of college students. He has been arrested numerous times and banished by five foreign countries from entering their borders. In 1997, Gary even liberated 1,542 minks scheduled for certain death from the Eberts Fur Farm in Blenheim, Ontario. In his thought provoking lecture he uses terms like Vegan meaning people who only consume Vegetables and no animal products and also who does not use any animal made products like leather belts and coat.

There are many animal activists in Nepal as well; recently I heard a radio interview of one of them. One of the toughest questions that they face almost every day is “why are you talking about animal activism when humans are denied their rights?” The activist gives a simple answer; he says that people who try to undermine the motive behind their activism ask that question. I don’t see why anyone would ask that, because it’s almost equivalent to asking a student why he or she chooses to become a veterinarian when he can save lives of humans. Do you know that a vet is only authorized to give the anti rabies vaccine to the dogs which help prevent the deadly, almost 100 percent fatal disease called Rabies? Yet we laugh at such people who are equally important to save humanity in totality by balacing the eco-sysytem.

There are ten essential amino acids, which cannot be synthesized from our body and so must be taken from food itself. There are many alternative to meat; soya made products like Tofu and even vegetable proteins are useful as well. What you need is to balance your Protein; combine beans, nuts and whole grain to your meal. Consume red meat occasionally and cut down on the heavy carbohydrate diet and eat protein rich diet to improve your HDLs which help prevent cardiovascular diseases. If anyone or a group believes in what they fight over, I think we should respect that and I think one day People like Gary get truly appreciated for what they have done for animal rights.


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