I prefer to call Dengue as an arthropod borne disease, it basically a tropical disease. A small bite from an infected female Aedes mosquito and you are known to be a case of it.
Dengue doesn’t happen to a person who has been bitten by a mosquito once. Infected mosquitoes have to bite you again and again, minimum two times in order to get the syndrome.

Dengue or Break borne fever does not happens all throughout the year, associate the disease with the mosquito and you will find that the mosquitoes can’t survive the cold temperature and so does much of the damage in the summer time. Here are some four points on how to deal with the issue if you ever come across it:

Check the news :the news usually informs the people about possible dengue outbreaks in the country

Make sure the mosquitoes that bites are similar to the characteristics of an Aedes Mosquito: These arthropods have strips of white and black bands on their legs. Overall Avoid Mosquito bites don’t run around the open ground without a mosquito repellant and use a net when at home. These tiny Protective measures can make the difference.

Check if your symptoms :

Headache , especially pain around your eyes

Bone Pain

Rash( mostly on the body)

Fever may range from 101-104C

General Tiredness and weakness

What to do next?
Go to the Nearest Hospital, Report your symptoms. Let the doctors handle the rest. Check if other members of the Family are facing the same symptoms.

Check out the white and Black Stripes on the legs of the Mosquito


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