What took Steve Away From Us?

Answer would be Pancreatic Cancer.

Sir, May you Rest in Peace

Pancreas is an organ which lies in your stomach area or abdomen, on the left side, high above. It’s actually said to occupy the middle of the Epigastrium and Left Hypochrondium.( The abodmen is divided in 9 areas for surgeons to handle the situation). The Pancreas secretes enzymes which help to digest the food that you take in.

Risk Factors:
Smoking ( Virtually all the Cancer have this as a risk factor )
Chronic Pancreatitis ( Inflammation of the Pancreas)
Genetic Predisposition

Its more common in the Western World , Men are twice likely to have this than women

Signs :
Loss of Weight
Swollen Lymph Nodes

Surgical Resection is followed by Chemo and Radiotherapy.

Survival Rate :
Most Cases come after the Cancer has progressed beyond the Pancreas and henceforth are more difficult in treating.
5yr survival rate after surgery and chemoradiotherapy : In Early Diagnosed Cases
6-10 months for locally advanced Cancers
3-5 months if the Cancer has progressed beyond the Pancreas.

How to Avoid ?
Learn from Steve , Stop SMOKING!!


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