Reading the news of the Blood Crisis in Nepal and I wonder, how can I help?

Red Blood Cells : This is what you will be donating mostly!

I could send my frozen B positive Blood through a plane but that would take me at least 330 dollars and at the current moment I neither earn nor can I spend  the few dollars on philanthropic activities so what can be actually done is: Guys and Girls in Nepal can donate blood, coincide it with the Dasami festival, and this becomes a great way to show your love to the goddess and to humanity.

Now let’s first look at the Criteria for Blood Transfusion:
• You Need to Be at least 18 years. You can be a donor till you are 57
• You can’t donate blood very frequently; a interval of 3 months is advised.
• Men are encouraged to donate and pregnant women and women who are performing lactation are discouraged.
• You need to have an appropriate weight, underweight people are discouraged. Check your weight; you need to have at least 50 KGs.
• You should be disease free, make sure you do not have venereal diseases (STDs,) or any other systemic diseases like Hypertension.

So are you up for it?

The most common question that comes in your mind must be: How can I be benefited? To tell you the truth, you actually get benefited by doing this donation:
• The Blood is a mixture of plasma and cells: RBCs, WBCs and Platelets and this mixture is continuously produced and by doing the donation, you have nothing to lose.
• You get typed, actually your blood gets typed according to how it reacts to certain antigens, you must know your blood group and this procedure helps you to know more about yourself.

When you go to camps that offer blood donation, there is nothing to worry, they use new syringes and they use hygienic techniques to draw the blood.

Steps :
Its best that you to take a packet of juice or water with you, after the blood is drawn, take that drink and lie down and rest until required. It’s more likely that you saved a person’s life by doing this so Thank You !


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