Have You Ever Told Your Doctor?

It’s not the typical world history that we want to know, it’s just the history of how you were and how your body reacted to the events that followed. Let’s look at the way The History is taken:

Particulars of the Patient:

Name: The importance of this is to avoid any confusion treating one patient with another. There might be two Sarnia’s in the hospital at the moment and when you refer to the last name, the confusion decreases.

Age: Most of the time the doctor diagnoses when he finds the age of the patient, like for example, certain diseases like Hernia and Cancer are more common among older aged people.

Sex: The sex of the patient defines the diseases; you can’t expect breast cancer in men, although there are cases where men develop that unusual cancer and also Cervical Cancer is prevalent in women and vice versa.

Occupation: The occupational exposure of the patient to different toxins defines the disease that they develop.

Religion: This helps to filter lot of factors like, If you are a Hindu You would not consume Beef likewise Muslims avoid Pork so we can filter certain Parasitic Infestations when the diagnosis is made. Also, Muslims perform circumcision of the Penis so they have less chances of developing Penile Cancer.

Present Address: The place you reside can give the idea about the environmental exposure so can help in the diagnosis. Usually the people who settle in higher lands are more likely to develop thyroid gland enlargements like Goiter as they have less exposure to Iodine.

Permanent Address: The place of birth, actually sometimes the present address is the permanent address but the importance of this is to know if the Patient has been exposed to some environmental factors since childhood.

Chief Complaints:
Why are you at the Hospital? /what makes you come to this place?
This is recorded in chronological order so the doctor might ask you the interval, the time you have been suffering the different symptoms.

History of Present Illness:
This is recorded in your own words and each and every complaint is elaborated.

History of Past Illness:
Have you ever been in the hospital? Done surgery? Have you ever had other Illnesses?

Family History:
As most of the diseases are Genetic so a good Family History Can actually Help find the diagnosis quickly.

Drug History:
Do you use drugs on a regular basis? What are the drugs that you use? Have you taken any drugs recently?

Allergic History:This is very important, you might be allergic to lot of factors and if you mention them, certain procedures during the diagnosis and any adverse reactions can be avoided.

Talking to your Doctor is like talking to someone who can really shut up and who can keep  your secrets. Actually this falls into something called Patient Doctor Confidentiality. You can actually sue the doctor If he reveals the information with some else so you have nothing to hide with your doctor. Share that dirty story about the stripper and the hook up; trust me you will be saving your life if you shared that information with the doctor!

Happy History Giving People!


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