Jagjit Singh and Brain Hemorrhage: Overview

Jagjit Singh is known as the Gazal Expert in the Indian Subcontinent and Also in Nepal. He died today in the morning, diagnosed to be due to Brain Hemorrhage. Let’s see some Brain Details today:

The most vital organ of the body situated in the cranial cavity, is very sensitive to changes. The Brain just coordinates each and every voluntary and involuntary activity of the body. Your Respiration, Your Heart Beat, Your sense of sight, your sense of smell, virtually every activity of your day is worked and synchronized by the Brain.

So the Brain consists of mostly of Cerebrum and Cerebellum, Pons and Medulla Oblongata, which is covered by something called Meninges. From the scalp to the brain matter, the brain is covered by several layers. Let’s look at the layers:
• Scalp
• Bone( Cranial Bone )
• Dura Mater
• Sub Dural Space
• Subarachnoid Mater
• Arachnoid Mater
• Pia Mater

So basically you have 7 layers of something that protects this sensitive organ.

So the question lies, how did He die?
Brain Hemorrhage.

The factor that predisposes to this condition:
• Smoking (Again, the factor that does everything!)
• Age : Old Age ( Incidence is greater after 40)
• Blood Vessel Disease Called Aneurysm(which mean abnormal dilatation of the arteries)
• Traumatic History ( Head Injury)
• Chronic Hypertensive Patient

How Does this Happen?

When a Hypertensive Patient faces  Emotional Distress his Previous  Atherosclerosis might  separate from its origination which is followed by Blockage of Blood Vessels and eventually leads to rupture and hemorrhage. Localized Collection of Blood in the Brain is very dangerous as it causes the Compression effect on the Brain and becomes the site of unwanted Infection.


  • Surgical Intervention
  • Drugs which help to maintain the Intra Cranial Pressure

How to Avoid:

  • Maintain the Hypertension as advised by the Doctor and avoid any emotional disturbances in your life.
  • Avoid  factors which leads to Atherosclerosis( I will have to write about this in the upcoming days, but for basis , its just something which develops as  you age in the blood vessels )

Rest in Peace Jagjitji!


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