Skin Color : My Views

I guess the posts that I make are directly proportional to the Lectures that we have in the previous week, Those lectures just boast up my confidence and I write about it , although most of the information that I share with you are not even sufficient for me to pass my boards. I basically have to memorize every tinny line possible from a 2000-3000 page books and plus have to gain clinical work experience. So never mind that, boards are in 2013.

About this post, I did not have a lecture on this last week and I think I will never have this Lecture any time soon. It’s about Skin Color. The How, why and consequences, all in one go! Here we go:

We are taught that the skin color that we have is because of the Melanin secretion in the Skin. We inherit the genes from our parents so basically we have no control of it what so ever. The variation of skin color that we see among us is due to the racial factor as well. I always used to complain, because the grass is always green on the other side, about my racial color. I am brown by birth and I was always fine with until a certain point of my life when I did not find people who were similar to me. So I used to ask myself and my parents why the big fuss was about.

Skin color is such a bulging problem in Nepal as well as in Bangladesh. Even getting a normal tan can be a major concern issue. It’s funny that people in the States go to Tan Parlors to get themselves tanned while people here are more freaked out by it. Today itself I was discussing about this tanning problem with my family members and I was explaining to them why I got so badly tanned in Nepal last month. The frequent visits to different places around Kathmandu helped my Melanin pigments to grow. While I giving a logical point to why my pictures from one visit were so unusual than the rest, I got a logical answer to counter my worry.

Our society teaches us that being fair is beautiful, we are not taught that being happy and returning a smile back at someone is beautiful. We contemplate that in our minds and we expect people to think that. The market industry gains from this misconception. We try to avoid this concept by buying a 70-120 taka Fair and Lovely Cream both for men and women and we try to live up to the expectation of the society.

My family Member quoted 3 famous people. He mentioned Mr Barack Obama, the two women among the three who got Nobel Peace Prize and Mr. Ram Baran Yadav. Now all of these people are from different racial communities and they have different melanin pigmentations. But they all have a common factor; they are successful at what they are doing. I am not saying that fair people are not successful; we have tones of examples to facilitate this but to prove that my justification for getting a tan is irrational was sufficient enough.

Excepting who you are and how to differ from what most people think is my specialty. I am thankful to my parents that I have good melanin pigments in my skin fold, which actually helps me to avoid UV rays and it protects me from Skin cancer. I usually do not experience any skin allergies and I have always been a healthy person but I am truly sorry to say to the society that I can’t be a part of this misconception anymore. If you want to concur with me, accept that I am naturally brown and stop judging me for the color that I have!

Happy Cream Applying People!


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