World Food Day : the Do’s and Don’ts!

So I applied to write about this topic in the World Blogger Action Day the other day because it was an alluring idea and I just submitted my URL. Today I am sitting down to write about it. Food is such a sensitive topic; I could bore you with countless paragraphs of how I interpret each food that I have tried. But let’s skip to some facts before that.
The food that the entire South East Asian Sub- Continent consumes is composed of simple Rice, Vegetable and occasionally Meat trio Set. However, there are variations like for example in Bangladesh, people love to eat meat and fish products more often than in Nepal and India.

The WHO has composed a policy to achieve the required Dietary Goals for each country, also called the Prudent Dietary Goals is worth reading , let’s look at some points of the criteria :

• Dietary Fat should be limited to approximately 15-30 per cent of total daily Intake

• Saturated fats should contribute no more than 10 % of the total energy intake; unsaturated vegetables should be substituted for the remaining fat requirement.

• Excessive Consumption of refined carbohydrate should be avoided ; some amount of carbohydrate rich in natural fiber should be taken

• Sources Rich in energy such as Fats and Alcohol should be restricted

• Salt Intake should be reduced to an average of not more than 5g per day( salt intake is more in tropical countries )

• Protein should account for approximately 10-15% of the daily intake

• Junk Foods such as Coals, Ketchups and other foods that supply empty calories should be reduced.

You might ask, what is saturated and unsaturated fat?
Well, saturated fat is mostly present in animal fat and unsaturated fat is present mostly in vegetable oil. However different Oils like Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Butter has a higher percentage of saturated fat in it and other fats like Safflower Oil, Sunflower seed Oil have more unsaturated fats in them

Reading this chart and forgetting how to manage a balanced diet is a very easy procedure. I have always enjoyed my childhood days having homemade food and I do agree at times I have complained about the food that I ate, then came a long speech about how the kids in Somalia are struggling to get a piece of this. At that time, I guess I didn’t have the ability to ponder on such humanitarian issues. I have come a long way from that. Now-a-days I don’t and I try not to throw even a single bead of rice.

We all have different feeding habits and cultures. The Responsibility of Developing a good feeding habit in children is directly influenced by their parents. I know the frequent visits to restaurants seems like a easy way out but researchers have proved that in order to avoid issues like Obesity and Heart diseases its more essential that You Feed Your Kid with homemade food.

I enjoy each and every delicacy that I have tried till now, Chinese being the favorite among them all, I practically like to add soya sauce in everything that I cook. Have you heard of a Dish named “Kum Pou Chicken “? Well that’s one dish that my mom actually mastered in to feed me. Besides that I can’t survive without having the normal Dal ,Bhaat ,Tarkari and Achar Mixture. Hope You all enjoy each and every food that comes in the Table and enjoy a healthy diet and stay healthy.

Happy Feeding People!


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