Ten Things That I Always Want To Do:

This is one of the posts which break the monotony of my readers. Let’s look at the list:

1. I always wanted to dip my feet in the river and drink tea at the very moment. This also means that I want to go out on a camping trip.

2. I want to produce loud audible echoes, calling out my name several times in a hilly area.

3. I would to like to use oil paint and a huge canvas to express how I feel, the painting is somewhere in my heart, its blue, red and violet.

4. I would like to write a book about my journey as a diplomat’s daughter, it will be full of parties and social conversations and mostly about the few people who are so dynamically beautiful in mind and who have shaped my beliefs as a human being.

5. I want to register HNF as soon as I finish MBBS, I have so many plans for Health Nepal Foundation, want to expand it and I want it to grow as a community rather than a NGO.

6. I want to go to Dubai and stay at the Burj Al Arab, the only seven star hotel in the world for just a day. I visited it when I was an eighth grader; made a promise that one day I will come back and stay in a place like that on my own money.

7. I want to design my own clothes, back then when I was a tenth grader, I used to do some sketches and have four designs in my head, may be you will see them in the future.

8. I want to take my parents and my brother to a dream vacation to Italy, with my own money, just the four of us like old times.

9. I want to open an account called “Parents Paradise”, in which me and my brother will contribute 30 % of our monthly income into this account and we give our parents the full accessibility of that account.

10. I want to throw myself from a high cliff, want to do Bunge jumping once in my life time to get the adrenaline rushing!

Make a list today! If you look at your list you will find that you haven’t done much in life and as a result you look forward to achieving these goals!

Happy List Making People!


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