Care To Learn About Delivery ?

I was told that I came from the stomach and that I was brought in this world by my mother. I believed that until the time they showed me a reality series in BBC, the actual birth process. It was unbearable; my jaws were practically open when I viewed that one hour video. A woman was screaming and blood was spouting out, I was actually shocked. The procedure was painful but at the end of it, the mother had a big smile on her face like nothing in this world mattered, getting that baby in her arms was all that she cared of.

Delivery of the fetus is the end stage of pregnancy when the fetus is expelled after a term of 37-42 weeks. I quote my teacher “any woman who dies during labor is considered as a martyr, the pain that she undergoes is one of the most terrible pains that anyone can face”. Her classes are my favorite especially when she quotes the subject in those terms.

So basically the labor pain starts when the membrane ruptures, this membrane surrounds the fetus, which protects it all throughout the time. People usually say “I think I broke my water “, well it means that they have entered the first stage of labor. Women are expected to report to the hospital at this time. The first stage ends when the complete dilatation of the cervix takes place.

The second stage of labor starts when the dilated cervix (the part that comes after the uterus) expels the fetus. This time is the most crucial moment for the mother as well as the fetus. Several methods are used to assess the condition of the fetus. Questions that come across are : Can a normal delivery be possible? What type of delivery should we prefer for the mother? There are basically two methods: the vaginal method and the abdominal method ( Caesarian section). It usually depend the engagement of the fetus, decent and also the general condition of the mother.

The actual process of the positioning of the fetus is very interesting; the fetus undergoes several rotations. Usually the fetus is positioned in such a way that his or her head is facing the outlet which is also called the Cephalic presentation. Decent is the uterine contractions that are continuous in nature and which are aided by the abdominal muscles. This phase in any women requires constant support and encouragement, words like “Push Push” and “Come On You Can Do It” can actually help her.

The third stage starts when the placental membrane gets expelled from the mother. Delivery and intranatal care requires 3 ‘C’ – Clean surface, Clean Cord Cutting and Clean hands! It’s even common for med students to get a vasovagal attack when they view delivery for first time. But this part of life and you should understand the pain that your mother has to bare to bring you to this world!

After the delivery of the fetus, a crying baby makes the doctor happy. If not, tactile stimuli is used by slapping the baby in the back to induce respiration. The baby is cleaned and any mucus and membranes from the eyes and body are removed. There are several ways to deliver a baby, some people in the States prefer to do delivery in hot water bath and the reason behind  doing this is that the warm water prevents the shock that the baby has to go when he experiences the cold outer world. They have a point and I actually consider this method but a hospital delivery is much safer.

Appreciate your mother, your wife and your girlfriend; she just did a remarkable thing!

Happy Delivery People!


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