7 Billion : Dollars?

You Are Part Of It!

The Earth just approached the 7 Billion mark this October, around the world, the WHO and other UN agencies are celebrating this occasion as well as warning the leaders about this huge progress in humanity.

We all started from being the jungle oriented ones to the sophisticated ones. There was a time when we had rocks and sticks for defense and now we have nuclear weapons. There was a time when communication meant shouting from one mountain to another and now most of us have iPhones to make that perky call at night.

So what makes this 7 Billion mark so special? I will be discussing some points about this:

How did we get this far?
There are always two important factors that determine the demography of a country.There is the Life Expectancy Rate and the Child Mortality Rate or the Infant Mortality Rate. In Nepal, the Life Expectancy Rate at birth for a Male: 64.94 years,Female: 67.44 years and the Infant Mortality Rate is 44.54 deaths/1,000 live births. There are several reasons why these indicators have drastically improved over the years:

• Better Health Care

• Acknowledgeable population

• Widespread communication

All these factors fall in the Health Care Reforms of our country, we might have failed to pay the debts of World Bank or get the target GDP but the country has made some remarkable improvements in the health sector. Mostly it is due to the MDG’s (Millennium Development Goals) set by the UN on each developing country.

What are the consequences?

We have emerged, from being a declining state to a rapidly progressing state. How is that possible? Every country maintains it population by the death of people and by the birth of the new ones, but the scenario now is that the there are more old aged people, so thats why we are having this boom of 7 billion. Let’s look at the consequences:

• For a country like Nepal, keeping the food supply for the emerging population could be a problem in the future
• Lack of Health Care facilities for the old aged, has the government done anything for the old aged?

(Do you classify, yourself as old? 30’s. 40’s or 50’s?)- My answer: It depends on the behavior of the person, some people work physically to feel young and some prefer plastic surgery, what actually matters is: how young are you at heart?

What is your role and what is mine?

Your Role: Read the above mentioned facts and forget about it or actually get involved in the 7 billion campaigns, which are available in the net, stay informed, check If you can contribute!

My Role: I am actually involved in increasing the Life Expectancy Rate and decreasing the IMR of my country. So yeah I do have a huge impact in increasing the country’s population.

Why Should You Care?

Life is a cycle, things that have happened to your grandparents happen to you and vice versa. What I want to stress is that since the old aged community is gradually increasing, please be supportive, offer love and gratitude to these people, start from your home and encourage others to do the same!

Happy Caring People!


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