Why Are Men Smarter Than Women?

It’s my first attempt into Psychology; we barely have enough classes on it, mostly because we are told to refer the patients that we get to the Neurosurgeons or the psychology department right away. Being a Feminist my whole life and writing this article on this topic can be a huge step from being that to a more liberal thinker.

Let’s look at the answers to the question:

  • It’s Bhai Tika (It’s a Nepalese festival like brothers day where the sister applies something on the forehead of her brother and vice versa). How charming!, I go through my FB account, I just see most of my female friends posting pictures of the occasion. What I observed was that 90% of the people who posted pictures about the event were women. How many of the brothers posted a picture with their sister’s on that day? Not none, but very few. My point being: Men are less personal, when it comes to sharing; they share less about personal family details and they appear to be more abstract and complicated.
  • Men are not calculative when it comes to making friends; they have friends here and there and virtually in every city. They don’t cling to tinny details of the person next to them. They can make friends faster than females.
  •  Men have the ability to share anything with anyone and some share recklessly to the point where the other loses the borrowed stuff.
  • Men have great farsightedness, they can really map out there future in their professional life. They care less and virtually don’t map out their personal life.
  •  Men have the amazing ability to keep secrets from their loved ones; some of them even keep it to their grave.

Most of you might think, I have been analyzing men for a long time but I like to analyze people and I could become a good Psychotherapist.

To all the men out there: You might seem smarter but the reason behind that is that every woman makes you believe that you are smarter than them. However there is actually no equation to the “who is smarter than the other?” At the end of the day, the human race is liable to make mistakes and move on and make more mistakes.

The battle between the sexes is one of the oldest battles that the world has witnessed till now, many are wounded and some get victorious and some manage to pass this war by nothing than a scar. My point being is that make your women in your life happy, that women could be your mother, sister, aunt, girlfriend and wife. Ignore the Ego that sticks in your mouth and speak up!

Happy Spreading Smiles!


One thought on “Why Are Men Smarter Than Women?

  1. thats so true and perfectly wonderful doc, we always admire you respect you for your valuable inspiration ,truth and logic behind medicine!

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