Looking Forward: What Are You Doing?

When the exams are around especially when it’s a four month long exam, you often seem to lose track of the reason why you even wanted to study the subject anyways. I had this phase, will do after sometime and every medical student goes through it not matter how passionate they are about it. Teachers don’t warn us of this phase because they have forgotten how it’s like to be a student and they expect the perfect answer on the spot.

This article is about looking forward, just fast forward your life few years from now!

I would be done with internship and would be happy to finally depart from Bangladesh after a span of several years .I would be smiling and I would be content with life. All the hard work that I put into it turns into reality and you get that respect and love from your family and friends makes it worth it.

I finally would be able to put a word into my name: Dr. Sarina. I would be the first female doctor in my family and I would be running Health Nepal Foundation just like the way I have been planning. Yes! This beautiful dream, I dream of it every day and it also makes me wake up every day in the morning just to attend the lectures for 330 days of the year.

Look deeper into the future; you see that happiness awaits you. You have a variety of opportunities and chances. What awaits you? Let’s look at the perspective:

  • You need to get yourself registered, in Nepal we have to give a MCQ based exam; you become a general medical officer. You can apply to work in different hospitals around the country.
  • You can work for the Ministry of Health (MOH) or the Nepal Army or you can be practice at a private hospital.
  • You can work for a NGO and an INGO on different issues regarding Public Health as medical officer for their team and carry research.
  • The list can keeps on going. The Horizons are beyond my text here! You can do so much for your country!
  • Before I even started my medical studies, I already knew about the USMLE (

    United States Medical Licensing Examination ®), it’s a certificate examination for USA. It has three stages, the part one and two exams will take place in your respective countries and the third one is taken in USA. It’s a tough exam; you need fewer distractions in your life when you give that exam!

  • You want to study and work in England? A pretty country with centuries of history and excellent health care, then you might consider MRCP(

    MRCP(UK))or FRCP, it’s also a certificate exam to become a registered doctor there. Recently I was going through the success rate for this exam in a year, over 10 thousand people give this exam around the world and only 1500 people pass it. It’s expensive as well and you need to give three sets of exams.

You need a higher degree if you want to progress as a doctor, think MS (Master of Surgery )  or MD (Doctor of Medicine) or Mphil( Master of Philosophy)!

What would my subject be?

I seldom ask myself.I love medicine more than anything that I have ever studied till now. It’s just a ticking subject which has fascinated me to such an extent that I can I only picture myself doing it for the rest of my life but I have a condition. I want to specialize in something which my country lacks. We have great gynecologists, we have great pediatricians and we have great cardiologists and the greatest ophthalmologist of Nepal who also got the Magsaysay Award and also who is nominated for the CNN heroes this year. So I literary have to ask the people, what is that they need right at this moment? or the near future? Please do tell me when I have to decide to become a specialist.

Look forward, life is all about that! If you look back, you see mistakes and mistakes and you actually learn something from them and you move on because life is full of hopes and opportunities.

Having a tough time studying right now?

Think about the future, the smiles that you will have when people will you Doctor Shaheeb! I would work an extra hour more just make people call me that!

Happy Looking Forward People!


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