The Ten Things That You Should Do During The Winter Season:

 1.Buckle up and get prepared for the winter, wear something that will keep your head covered. Never leave without a jacket even If the weather seems favorable.

 2.Insure that you drink Luke warm water all throughout the winter season; this also means that you must keep warm  water next to your bed side. The water not only decreases the cold sensation but it also acts as a relaxant.

3. Cuddling in the bed with your blanket won’t make the situation better but instead a brisk walk around the house for a period of 30 minutes can help you overcome the lethargic nature during this time

4. Deep breathing exercises can help reduce any kind of depression that comes during the winter season.

5. Try listening to your mom and have that seasonal beans that she makes especially in the winter season. Beans like kwati( is a Nepali dish, containing different beans ) : it helps build up your immune system.

6. Many of you suffer from cold and coughs; you will be prescribed with some antibiotics which are effective. When you gradually feel well, most people forget to finish the course. Please do not spread antibiotic resistance! When you do not complete the course, you create chances for the bacteria to develop resistance against that med and you will actually be responsible for the spread of resistant bacteria.

7. If you are having severe breathing difficulties or If You are a Bronchial Asthma patient then refer to the hospital immediately, especially when you notice that the person has turned blue ( due to Cynosis : which is the indicator for poor lung function )

8.Make sure that you get enough Vitamin D. One of the easiest ways to get that is to take sun bath whenever possible from the office window or during the school tiffin break on a regular basis. Vit D helps to overcome any bone defects.

9.Make sure you have proper Vitamin C diet; foods containing citrus like lemon, orange will provide the necessary Vit C for collagen tissue synthesis which actually helps to prevent the lip and skin cracks.

10. Love, love, love! Hope the last point is self-explanatory!

 Enjoy  Winter People!


One thought on “The Ten Things That You Should Do During The Winter Season:

  1. thats great lessons for me doctor, I never cared myself much, and yes since childhood i always had incomplete antibiotics dosage. never knew this fact thank you doctor for en-lighting us.

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