Getting Married ? Get A Premarital Test Done!

Last week the Dawn Newspaper, a Pakistani daily published an article about premarital tests that are performed in Pakistan before marriage. Most people marry their cousins and as a result suffer different kinds of problems during pregnancy. Most pregnancies fail and chances are twice likely for the baby to be genetically abnormal.

In Nepal we do not see marriage practices among cousins, so it’s less likely that people will have problems during pregnancy but I do agree to the fact that every couple who is about to get married is better off getting certain tests done before they marched into the pathway of union.

Let’s look at some tests which are useful for assessment:

• Blood Grouping : ABO and Rh compatibility, Rh negative mom and Rh positive father might have complications during conceiving.

• STD’s tests

• Chromosomal test: by Karyotyping / FISH / SKY

• Familial history taking ( example: Huntington’s disease in the family , a movement disorder )

Some Misconception which need to be cleared:

• Women who have a single kidney can still get pregnant

• Any kind of erectile dysfunction of penis can be corrected

• Libido : Lack of sexual drive, will not rule out pregnancy.

• Bride Groom Frigidity : Common in our part of the world , also does not affect pregnancy, it also known as the first night fear for the bride and groom.

I guess the wedding season is going on in Nepal at this time, don’t panic If you haven’t done the above mentioned tests, chances are you are less likely to suffer from any complications. It’s not like most of you ask for prenuptial agreement before marriage but at least you can save yourself from unwanted future !

Happy Marriage People!


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