Should Doctors Marry Doctors?

I asked this question in the free period that we had today; let’s look at some answers by my fellow co-mates:

“Marriage is a social institution. Crap! Can I start again? Well if you want me to define, it’s basically a huge compromise that one person does for the other. As a future doctor and If I may say so all doctors get into weird relationships, knowing that the other can’t give that much time for the other. I would never marry a doctor. Who will look after the kids?”

“I don’t want to marry a doctor. It’s going to be absolutely boring! I don’t want to bring stories of malaria and HIV in the dining table. Basically I want to increase my outreach of life. I want variety and I want someone who can speak in non-medical terms. I want normalcy! ”

“Before I entered med school I always thought that I would get married to a doctor but now I have a different perspective. Being a med student I realized that I don’t like med students and I don’t like doctors. No offence to anyone but it’s my personal opinion but most of them seem to be cold at heart”

“I absolutely don’t want to marry someone who can’t understand me. I might have night calls at 2AM in the night. Can a non medical person understand this? And I will have a hectic schedule, how can one manage such a life with me if that other person is not a doctor?”

“I like things that are absolutely contra indicatory to me. For this instance, I met this guy, who was completely opposite to me. He spoke stuff that I could not comprehend .But it seems that I do like this guy .I respect his profession and his dedication to his work and I think that he will do the same for me. So if you add mutual respect and love for each other then it would make the perfect relationship, No matter what! I don’t want to marry a profession. I want love and if you are reading this, let’s go on a date the next time we are in the same country!?”

“I would marry a doctor! Why? She would be my perfect soul mate. Will I sense competition between us? I might, If my spouse earns more money than me, then I could go into an inferiority complex but that’s life. How many men can you actually find who claim to be superior to their wife?”

“I am more business minded; I want to marry a doctor. I will refer patients to her and she would do the same for me. We will never go into an economic crisis in our life! ”

I actually had fun interviewing my friends today. Almost all of them seem confused but let’s all remember that love is blind and you never know what happens in life !

Happy Relationships people!


16 thoughts on “Should Doctors Marry Doctors?

  1. So I married a guy who turned out to be a doctor. The person matters a lot more than the profession of course. And a doctor (or med student) now may not be a doctor later. Careers, even ours, are more transitory than you might think. Choose wisely and treat well.

    • Such great words! I think a lot about whether I’ll marry another doctor or not. But now, I care more about the person than the profession. It’s more important that my husband be passionate about his life and career. I don’t want career jealousy. Also, ( not to be selfish) but if I marry a non-doctor I don’t have to worry about ” matching”. He can ( and will have to ) follow me. If a marry a doctor, it will be expected that I go where he is. ( I’ve seen it time and time again). At this point, I’m not sure if I want to get married. Maybe I’ll marry? Maybe I’ll even marry a doctor? For now my focus is 100% on becoming a doctor, and meeting someone who compliments me , not just my soon-to-be profession.

  2. well.. this is what happened with me..
    I met a very sweet and friendly girl 12 years back.
    We became best buddies…
    We both didn’t know what we were to become in future..

    years later.. we both became doctors.. we are happily married..

    What matters is the person, not the profession.

  3. yes doc so true, when they do that marry both being doctors, then sometimes one has night duty, other has day duty never time to meet and look after children , so great !!!! love ur blogs always

  4. Its nonsense to marry a profession. this is especially true for med students. Most of them think that only a doc can understand a doc. Thats crap! Look for A Sane person who can understand you for who you are. Treat you well and most importantly love you as well. Thats the ice on the cake.

    A doc who wants to marry another doc is certainly drowned in the poison of materialism and how can he be trusted to love you with all his heart. No offense to docs. i am an engineer and its so uncommon among us engineers to look for brides in our own profession unlike medical profession.

    I personally think two people with different professions can make an exciting match. They have so much new knowledge to share with each other.

    Finally, look at personality not profession. There are many unsuccessful doctors out their. Also, dont think all doctors are respected, some are even jailed for malpractice. Dont be blinded by the saying that its a noble profession. Rare specices do exist.

    All in all. Doc marrying a Doc can only be understood by a doc, because we engineers are taught to appreciate logic and i dont find any logic in it. Since logic is universal, i think docs shud not marry docs alone. Marry a girl u fall in love with end of story.

    • LOL! I’m an engineering student, and uhh, there wouldn’t be enough girl engineers to go around. I can see it now, “I get her M-Thurs, Ron gets her Fri-Sat, we can go rock-paper-scissors for Sunday with Larry.”

      I tend to like girls that want to be docs. It just turns out that way. They’re usually have an above average intelligence and command of language, understand my jokes, and are confident, dignified women… not to mention good looking. A lot of women with some intelligence AND good looks tend to be extra ambitious in my experience. I suspect it’s because they already have the world somewhat by the balls by virtue of beauty, why be a big fish in a small pond when you could *really* break into high society.

      It’s different for guys though, most of the time. Women want to “marry up”.

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