Review of 2011: My Life & More!

Med school: As a med student, 2011 was one of the toughest years that I have crossed. I gave my second professional examinations. About 5 months of intensive studying and never ending sleep deprivations were not easy. However, when I look across this year, it was not that bad after all. Giving 5 different subjects like microbiology, pathology, forensic med, pharmacology and community medicine has helped me to stay interested in the 5th year subjects.

Health Nepal Foundation: This year Health Nepal foundation did a small project, where a group of 4 people were determined to promote school health in Nepal. You can check the pictures of our school visit in the facebook page.

Food: This year I learned to make orange pie and cookies, which are additions to my cooking list. Besides that when I was in Nepal for my summer break I literary ate momo’s and chicken chilly on a regular basis. I love food and the art of cooking and it just soothes my mind.

 Literature:I fell in love with literature again. I read books by Tarun Tejpal, Sujeev Shakya, Rabi Thapa, Mohammed Hanif, Chetan Bhagat and more. In conclusion, I really enjoy literature which got highlighted when I volunteered to work for the KLJ (Kathmandu Literary Jatra) this summer.

Self Realization: I learned that you need patience in your life and you have to wait for things to fall into perspective. Despite my eagerness to start HNF (Health Nepal Foundation), I learned that a slow and steady CEO can win the race.

Religion: After being a global citizen / TCK, I have gradually lost my connections with my religion and so I decided to call myself an atheist. I celebrate Christmas, Eid, Buddha Jainti, Druga Puja, Hanukah and any festival that falls in the calendar. Are people who follow a particular religion, allowed to do this?

Politics: I realized that we need (the youth) to actively engage in politics. We have that boiling rage when politicians commit to stupidity. Stop getting angry at them! Come join politics with me, If you believe me in my views then stick with my team, next 7 years, you might see me in the stands.

Personality: I learnt to toughen up a bit more, be more courageous. I have no regrets and as I always say that mistakes are meant to happen so that people can learn from them.

Music: This year Adele has brought so many smiles to my face. God bless her! Besides that Moves like Jagger is still in my play list followed by some heavy DJ mix by David Guetta. Besides that the Kolaveri Di song still keeps me entertained.

Relationships: Distance always makes relationships grow into mature ones and I guess that has happened. Still in a relationship with Sarina Khanal in facebook, it’s actually my first anniversary with myself in January 1st. Try this; you will discover qualities like blogging/writing that I had borrowed deep under.

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous year ahead! Please stays fit and take care of your health!


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