Happy Birthday Baby!

It was the baby that I was so delighted to see, all curled up, crying to catch his first breaths. I followed the baby to another room where they clean this delicate creature. His umbilical cord is further shortened and he is draped around some clothes that his mother has placed before.

I turned back to the mother, tell her that it’s a boy and see smiles. She asks me to call the father. I obey her orders and call the father inside the operation room, only to get screamed at for calling the father. Fathers are not allowed to enter the delivery room. The father takes a small glimpse of the baby and he goes away.

His wife is still in the lithotomy position getting stitches for the episiotomy. Episiotomy is an incision which is done in the perineal wall, to increase the opening of the delivery passage so that the baby can easy pass. Her baby becomes a showpiece to the entire family.

I had many opportunities to watch this process when I was in third year and forth but yet today had to be the day when I first viewed a delivery. I am trilled, I did not panic. The process is revolving in my head again and again. I wonder how they do it. How can they cut the perineum like as If it’s a piece of paper?

The entire time, there were several midwives who assisted the mother, asked her to push and gave her uterine massage. Why can’t the father be there too? He should be present!  He is responsible for this as well!

Why can’t men in our part of the world, come forward to the delivery room to actually view and support the women of their life experiencing pain and endurance? If you are a man then be a part of this process, you have to remind yourself that a women bears twice the difficulty that you can handle and respect her for that and abide with her.

She was just 19 years old, yet she endured very less pain for a primigravida ( first time mother). We had to leave before the skin stitches were completed. I thank her for letting us view this entire process, which has imprinted in my mind.

Happy Delivery People!

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