Ten Things That Med Student Will End Up Doing In Free Time:

1. Party hard: we work thrice as much as anyone on the block, not being too much proud of it but yeah we like to make it large when it comes to partying. Currently we don’t earn anything so we settle for minor events in the dorm. I am guessing that the future doctors that I know will definitely party much more in the future. Cheers to that!

2. Addiction: Often med students inform and preach about this and they end up getting bored and frustrated with the fact that they are doctors and hence develop addiction to alcohol and cigarette smoking. This is a purely personal choice; surgeons say that it helps them cool their mind off when they practice. Well, everyone has their own stories.

3. Sleep: Sleep is not a big issue when the exams are over, it’s only before the exams that matters most. Sleep for even 5 hrs in the night, the next day you will get the guilt syndrome. You obsess with the amount of sleep; curse your inability to wake up. We are sleep deprived people and yet we somehow manage to sleep for more than 12-14hrs at a time to compensate for that after the exams.

4. Eat: this is one of the constant actions that continue during the exam. Everyone has these extreme cravings for food and new dishes. We have the amazing taste and delight towards food.

5. Keeping in touch with Hollywood and Bollywood : Who says that medical students are complete nerds? Excuse me, we keep track of every new movie that comes in the way, someone downloads it and the entire batch gets to see the movie beforehand and we have detailed interests in the lives of the actors and actresses.

6. Gossip: Both guys and girls equally love to do this, I am guessing on different issues but yeah some med students make time to do this. I personally like to stay confined in my room and write article like this when that happens. No offence to gossip but seriously, I would prefer reading the current affairs than talk about people in general.

7. Literature: I don’t know how and when this happened but I have seen that med students love to read novels on a regular basis, some even compromise their sleep to finish a book.

8. Relationships: Med students tend to get into weird relationships, it’s either the fact that you have to sacrifice your entire time to study and ignore the other at that time makes it even harder but yeah some have managed both, which is a superb thing!

9. Music: Med students are music enthusiasts; we love any new material that comes in the market, whether it’s Justin Beiber or some Bengali songs by Habib. We love to hear.

10. Internet: If you already know me from my facebook account then you must have seen that I have always managed to stay on facebook even when I am having a busy day. That fact is that all med students are addicted to internet. We Google search under the bench and tweet in between classes. I would not say that it is something of a thing that he/she does in free time, it actually has been a part of our lives.


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