Hypothyroid Patients,Their Stories : “I want a baby, that’s what I always wanted”


She is in her mid twenties, I asked her how she found out about the disease, she struggled for few minutes, we have to give the patient, positive vibes, a smile or a tap on the shoulder usually does the trick. She opened up gradually. She said that it was her inability to conceive a baby. On a routine gynecological test she discovered that she had hypothyroidism.

“I want a baby, that’s what I always wanted”. Admitted in the hospital for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, she waits for the doctors to take a definite decision. I enquired about her condition, did you gain weight? Did you sleep excessively? I am not supposed to do this actually; we have to wait for the patients to explain their symptoms. If we give the leading question then she will answer with bias, but I just had fifteen minutes left.

Many people with Hypothyroidism also suffer with unusual symptoms; some show typical features while some don’t and end up in the GYN ward with infertility.

Similarly, I had a conversation with Miss X; Miss X knows that she has hypothyroidism. But she avoids any further tests and treatment. I waited; I can’t force people to take the TSH again. I asked her a question that changed her decision. Do you want to improve your test scores? Do you want to be more active in what you do? Don’t you want to overcome this sluggishness?  She promptly agreed to the TSH test. “You need to motivate people”, that’s what our surgery coach tell us. We can’t force people to get a treatment done but rather make them see the future that treatment offers.

My point being, Go get a TSH test done, it’s cheap and it is the best diagnostic test to identify the problem. If only one person gets motivated to get their TSH test done, after reading this post, then, I would be grateful to you!

Don’t stay with the disease, liberate yourselves!


Happy TSH testing people!



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