Get Your Fertility Facts Right!


She is just 23 years old, admitted for sub-fertility. They are doing a laparoscopic surgery to check out her internal genital organs, to discover the cause. We took her history and must say she was very cooperative (well, I kind of told her that she was of our age and so she was comfortable with sharing details of her sexual life.)


It’s very hard to classify someone as being infertile, I am still working on my “how to break the bad news”  chapter.

So what’s infertility? What’s sterility? What’s impotence? What’s frigidity /Timidity?

Infertility is the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected sex.

Fertility is relative rather than an absolute state. Nobody can be extremely fertile or extremely infertile. Most couples fall within an average fertile group, if one has low fertility, then, that can be overcomed by the corresponding partner.

If both partners fall within the low fertility group then change your life/love partner, chances are that you can overcome this infertility problem. (Like it’s easy to leave someone in love just to conceive, but we bluntly present this option to you)

Fertility is a much hyped up topic states a doctor, it’s not like old times, where couples were ashamed of stating their problems. Now –a- day’s people give a detailed sexual history and they want more facts.

Sterility: It’s an absolute state when one can’t conceive at all.

Impotence: Failure to perform sexual intercourse. (Yup, folks this happens and men seem to be responsible for this in most cases)

Just to wake you: (I kind of imagine my readers sleeping as they read my posts due to boredom)


A couple complains of infertility, later on, a detailed sexual history was taken and it was found out that the couple did not consummate their marriage.(People don’t know how to have sex, this is even possible but rare, only 1-2 % people come with this problem.) It’s called aparenunia and dyspareunia.


Frigidity: lack to desire to have sexual intercourse with your partner, this term applies to females and likewise, Timidity is for males.

Is your desire to have children more than your figure and career? The book states that women’s desire to have children is greater than any desire in the world.  (It’s a very emotional book, full of sensitive paragraphs, if you are interested; we read a book by Jeffcoate’s , read that!)Do you agree with the above statement?

For many years women were targeted and cursed as being the “infertile one” but Men are equally responsible for infertility, only the Greek people understood that in the past.

Common causes of infertility in women:

Ovarian factors: Irregular menstrual cycle

Tubal factors: due to previous infection, your fallopian tubes (it’s a tube that transmits the ovum to the uterus) becomes tough (stricture formation) as a result its motility is lost and proper transmission of the ovum does not takes place for the fertilization to take place.

Uterine factors:  due to Hypo-functional uterus

Cervical factors: inability of the cervix to pass the semen.

Vaginal factors: Inability of the vagina to receive the semen, due to any tumor.

Coital Errors:

Coitus (having sex) has to take place every 48 hours during the fertile period to offer the optimum chance of conception. Too frequent sex rarely, if ever, accounts for infertility.

Lubrication: stop using any kind of lubrication, lubricants contain acid which kills the sperms and some paraffin containing lubricants bring spermatozoa to a standstill.

Some Misconceptions:

  • Orgasm: it’s unnecessary for women to have orgasm to conceive.
  • Let the semen flow (Effluvium Seminis): after complete ejaculation, if some semen flows from the vagina, then don’t worry, most of the required amount of semen has already travelled to the uterus by then.
  • Anxiety and apprehension: Nervous temperament, particularly extreme anxiety to conceive lowers fertility.
  • Diet: stop dieting, you need some nutrients like Vit A, Vit E , especially in men to actively secrete secretions.
  • Occupation and settlements : rural women and urban women, mental work and physical activity also contributes to fertility.

Men, you are also equally responsible for infertility. Check out some reasons in tomorrow’s post!

Stay fit people and stay fertile!


3 thoughts on “Get Your Fertility Facts Right!

  1. thats so true doctor; thnaks for bringing out truth for fertility problems in peoples lives; many of my relatives are not conceiving because they lack such knowledge. yes, many women these days say they want to be mother even if they dont have traditionally married husbands

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