Should Doctors Ask Their Children To Be Doctors?

There is a general predisposition for children who have doctors as their parents to be doctors. So why does this happen? 

Children mimic their parents from early childhood.  As they see their parents put their blood and sweat into their work they gradually get accustomed to the daily medical life.  What is a medical life?  

Medical life is not much of an extra-ordinary life; it’s a normal life that a med and future doctor lives. A life, which involves periodic night duties and endless clinical hour time. It requires grading examination every now and then. This life is an endless hurdle of examinations and re examinations. It’s likely that one cannot make much time for child care.

 When both parents are reputed doctors in their own fields, there is likely chance that their children may experience attention deficit problems. Do you give enough time to your children?  People who develop their childhood under such circumstances can comprehend their lifestyle in a similar manner since they have been accustomed to it since early childhood, that’s why they decide to get into med school but there are exceptions.  

A surgeon’s child seems to know more details about a particular topic because he viewed that  procedure when he was just 10 years old and still does when he is with his father. Do doctor’s children have better clinical eye? Early exposure of books and med terms in the house will definitely help them edge further in this field. But eventually it’s the practice and practical work that makes a doctor reputed rather than the hereditary genes.

 Question of asking your child to be a doctor is a very unusual question, because at first it’s about what the child wants and not what we want.  Many meds want their children to be doctors. When asked why they would present that option to them, some said that they wanted their children to face to same experiences and difficulties that they felt over the years and will do in the future.

At first, a child’s first right is education, what he/she chooses is their option. What we can do is explain the details of the struggle that one has to do from med school to the actual job work. The path is very long and tedious; one needs to make many sacrifices. If a child understands the implications of this profession then it’s their choice.

I see why parents who are doctors force their children to be doctors, it’s partly because they want their dynasties to grow. It’s a profession of immense pride and hard work, the respect that you earn over the years makes it even more attractive and it does make the subject more lucrative from a child’s point of view.

What would you do?


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