Ten Reasons Why You Will Fall For Med students / Doctors:

  1. Social Status: It does sound cool, when you announce that your GF/BF is a doctor. Everybody goes like” whooo doctor” (this is coming from a non medical friend of mine).  Well, doctors do earn much social status over the years.
  2. Money Maker: A board certified doctor earns more than 5 Lakhs per year approximately. A doctor definitely gets his desired amount as his knowledge becomes more enriched by practice over the years. (You can afford that planned vacation to Italy).
  3. Bed side hospital: Just giving an instance, when the Nepal Bandha strike happens, (it’s a strike that causes transportation to shut down in the country) and if you are suffering from a medical emergency, your doctor is at your bedside.
  4. Personality Charmer: Most meds develop amazing personality characteristics. As the years pass by, they gain more details about the human body; it’s likely that they will sweep you off the floor with their charismatic nature!
  5. Broad Minded:  Doctors don’t make sexiest categorizations (if you know what I mean); they view men and women equally as human beings.
  6. Perseverance: By the time a med finishes his/her course, they a will turn into people who are extremely patient and self enduring. They take things slowly and I guess, this is what people like about med’s.
  7. Conversation which yields a diagnosis:  having conversations with med’s about any disease that you encounter prior to the hospital, can make your diagnosis and treatment more efficiently than the usual round of sharing awkward details with unknown doctors. Need OCP’s or Viagra pills, well there you go! ( Or any other medication, just making a point that you don’t need to be shy when it comes to asking for prescriptions about such drugs )
  8.  Family Politics:  Most meds avoid any politics, chances of having a fight in the family is very limited when you have a med.
  9. Unlimited Medical Encyclopedia: It’s nice to have someone with varied knowledge, who can tell 10 causes of hemoptysis (coughing out of blood) like as if it was a nursery rhyme and many more unheard details about the human body.
  10. Understanding: It’s an individual that we are talking about, whose primary motive in this world, is to serve humanity; I don’t see why you won’t fall in love with such individuals. They detect any abnormal pulse rate, they understand every breath that you inhale and exhale and they can read your every heartbeat.

Happy Falling People!


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