What Is The Value Of Medical Students?

  • You have value. Your value lies in the knowledge that you built inside, which you have worked on for all these years. You cherish the fact that the general people call you “Dr shaheeb” even though you haven’t received the degree yet.
  • You accept the fact that this degree is going to make you a better person because you will be prescribing some medications however minor it is, (albendazole for example) it’s going to make someone else feel better.
  • People often want reassurance and they want someone to be there for them. Everybody gets lonely at times, mix that with an ailment, definitely they seek extra attention. Very few people carefully listen to someone when they get sick and we are those people who offers them that service. Tell me another profession who deals with such delicate human moments?
  • If you find passion for what you do, no matter how painful the job seems be, no matter how much personal space that you have to compromise. At the end of the day when you get praised for just checking someone’s blood pressure or just talking to them about their problem. Everything is worth it!
  • Our profession comes with great knowledge and power. People respect you for whatever that you could do for them. For example if doctor tweets about a women patient who moaned while doing a PV examination, do you think those statements are ethical for us? We have this tag with us; we are the society’s most respected and trustworthy people, if we started sharing personal details about patients, however little it may be what would remain of us?
  • You will find mental peace and ultimate satisfaction when the day comes. “Rome was not built-in one day “the most common quote used widely, applies to our profession as well. You have value if you make it valuable and nobody can be successful unless and until you keep on doing what you are doing, over and over again!

Share in your views.  What makes you value our profession/ degree?


One thought on “What Is The Value Of Medical Students?

  1. Wow, That’s really inspirational for medicos. and yes we’re appreciated anywhere we go. When someone asks what you do and we reply, they’ll surely stare twice and their tone changes to polite level…lol

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