Oh! My youth.


Beautiful sentences for an article come up, when I am studying. A beautiful aspiring dream builds up.  But when I am free to live my life, after an exam, those words get lost and I don’t have those dreams any more. Those statements that I plan to give are no longer in my head and I am so empty and wordless that I have to start all over again.

You want to know, what comes in my mind when I am giving a major exam? Well, I am freighted to the very core, my blood pressure rises, I have restless legs and my hands become a source of water (If you know what I mean!).

Most people have their own ways of dealing with exams. Well, when I have episodes of that sort, I keep, telling myself, at this rate, I will be having high blood pressure soon and that I will age quicker. Then I wander, oh! My youth, I am spending it, all on studying. What have I done so far? Nothing important! Yet I am still here, in my room, filled with books, markers and pens, studying so that remaining 19 days of misery ends.

What do I do? I take deep breaths, blow the excess carbon dioxide on my hands, and they stop being moist and I keep reminding myself  “Be positive, think good and good things will happen to you”. I am taking deep breaths while writing this as well, I could utilize this gap to sleep, or watch a movie or study but I decided to pore my heart out to my blogging.

It funny! Because, once a man asked me, if I had a boyfriend and I replied “I Blog”. So yeah, it’s equivalent to that or even better because, it has no expectation.

Why do I take exam crap? I don’t know, it’s probably the fact that I am far away from home and I live in another country. I fought with my parents to get into med school and I do this for my ego. I do this, because I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to make something of myself and I want to do something for my country.

The best one liner that comes in my mind right now is “be satisfied, be happy with the things that you have now and stop being angry with yourself and start worshiping the brain that you have and never insult it!”


One thought on “Oh! My youth.

  1. Wow! Loved this when I myself have exams right now. Thank You. And wish you all the best for your medical career. I love the way you said ‘I Blog’ to that man. I guess I too need to stop seeing girls :p

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