The A, B, C’s of HIV!

I am going to categorize people of this world into three types :

Type I

These people don’t know what HIV-AIDS is and are seeking knowledge on this issue.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that cripples your immune system. Your immune system is the Police of the body. It always fights against infectious diseases.

How Do You Get This Virus?

• Sexual Route :If You have Promiscuous sex ( Both for Homosexuality and Heterosexuality )

• Mother to Child: If a HIV infected mother gives birth to a baby, there are many chances that the virus has transferred to the fetus. HIV can cross the Placenta. Also it spreads during breast feeding and during birth of the baby.

• Parenteral: Transfusion of infected blood or blood products. Contaminated needles and syringes (Intravenous Drug Users and needle stick Injury), Surgical and dental instruments, other skin piercing instruments.

• Other Modes: Infected Organ Transplantation or through donated semen.

HIV Is NOT Transmitted By:

• Casual Contact: Touching, hugging, sharing commode, hand shaking, sharing food,  drinking utensil and  second hand clothing.

• Blood Sucking Insects like Mosquitoes and Bed Bugs

• Food and Water.

The Virus stays dormant in your body for a long time and progressively decreases the level of T Cells. These cells are the major part of the Immune system .After a period of 5-10 years ( varies with the viral load ),HIV deteriorates your immune system to such a level that you finally develop the condition called Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome ( AIDS). Then even a common cold can kill you !

What could the symptoms be?

After 2-6 weeks of exposure you might develop symptoms like:

• Fever with Rash
• Headache
• Sore throat
• Lymph node enlargement in the neck region
• Ulceration in your mouth
• Joint Pain

After the initial first primary infection, recovery occurs and you feel normal. But the T cell population has declined and not at the normal level as it used to be.

You should be getting tested if?

• People know to come from a country with a high prevalence of HIV or their sexual partners
• Men who have sex with Men (MSM)
• Commercial Sex Worker
• Patients with STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)
• History of Intravenous Drug Use
• Health Workers who come into contact with infected HIV blood transfusion Products.

What are the modes of Prevention?


B- Being Faithful

C-Condom use

Beyond A,B,C :

• Get tested
• No unprotected sex without certainty of your partners HIV status
• If HIV Positive then get into care
• If HIV negative then protect your status
• Undiagnosed HIV in pregnancy kills children
• Your Undiagnosed HIV could Kill Your Partner
• Your Undiagnosed HIV could kill you.

Type II People:

You are educated but want further details about how to be safe. So here you go :

What are the sexual methods that I should avoid?

• Deep Penetration during sexual intercourse is discouraged
• Anal Intercourse is discouraged
• Intercourse during Menses is discouraged.
• Delaying sexual debut
• Control Your STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection)
• Male Circumcision has helped to reduce the level of HIV infection spread.

What If blood from a HIV positive gets on my body?

HIV infected blood can only cause collateral damage If the area where the blood fell has a break in the skin, IF there is a ulcer in that area as well and plus If this situation ever comes, a preprophylactic drug is given and you need to report back in 2-3 weeks for the HIV detection Test.

Is there HIV -Vaccines ?

Yes , they are available but that not feasible, especially in our part of the world.

Is there a cure for HIV?

HIV HAS NO CURE!  Prevention is the best Cure. Be Extra careful when you get laid !

Type III people:

These people already know the details of HIV and they have to deal with the actual disease burden in the society. People who are involved in the healthcare fit in this category. Stay safe Friends !

In General, Guys and Girls, Men and Women, Please get tested and treated and enjoy the remaining years!

Be Responsible People!