Confessions About Marriage:

181230_539610816081319_1709117519_n“My whole life has been about studying, passing the exam and getting gratitude out of it. I am satisfied and comfortable with the way life is going through. I don’t want to complicate things and take the burden of relations on my tinny shoulder. I need to grow and in the way of life, if I find the perfect or close to the perfect match I shall consider marriage as an option. ”

“Are you kidding me? Marriage is for the 30’s and 40’s. I need to grow as a doctor, earn enough dignity and money to choose a wife. And oh! I don’t like a smartass hammering me every second on the road.”

“I am excited to get married very soon, I have been dreaming about it all my life and soon will be an appropriate time as you know the biological clock stops ticking after a certain age.”

“The last time you asked me a question about marriage, I was perplexed and I gave a very unrealistic answer but as the years have passed and I have been heartbroken and have come to the realization that a profession can make a big difference in what a person wants in the future. I want to marry someone who can guide me through my career. One seeks for professional gain through personal!”

“Being ambitious and running around being a free soul is what most women doctors in South East Asia seek but they get tied with social stigma and they are redeemed marriage unfit by the society if they seek to finish post graduation. If you want to be a success story in South East Asia, marriage is a must!”

“A perfect body, gushes of estrogen flowing through your arteries makes you an ideal woman for marriage, irrespective of any profession and degree. I am not one of those whinny girls who end up with fainting spells every time they attend the OR. So, if I get married it has to be someone who can specifically delete excessive drama and let one do what one wants! ”





In conversation with a Drunk Doctor:

 Thank you Dr. B for letting me take your interview. (He was drunk at this phase.)

Dr. B: Anything for you MISS  Sarina and your Blog Medical Mind.

How much did you drink? (Just to make sure that he can stay stable for the rest of the interview)

Dr. B : Not much, few shots of vodka  and few sips of tequila.

I must say you have a very good taste in alcohol. (Both of these drinks has maximum concentration of alcohol. )

Dr. B : It’s a gradual progression… MISS Sarina. It started from few beers in med school.

Do you call yourself as an alcoholic?

Dr. B :No, I would not (all alcoholics say this). I only drink after I finish my duties and I do everything at home and hidden from the world. But MISS Sarina, I am giving this interview just for your Blog Medical Mind.

Why do you drink alcohol on a regular basis?

 Dr. B : I do this because I suffer from a chronic pain which is immune to analgesics. I see so much suffering around me in the hospital. I hardly can do much for the poor people. For several months, I gave my monthly salary to help those people on a regular basis and after a point I realized that it was not enough. If 20 more doctors gave their annual salary to these poor people ,then, they can afforded the treatments.

Why did you stop giving your salary to the people?

 Dr. B :After a certain point, I started getting the typical depression symptoms. I could not focus on my job and I started to drift away. Then one day I met my med school buddy who visited my village. He brought a bottle of vodka. The rest of the story is pretty clear.

Don’t you get the hangover effect the next day?

 Dr. B :I do, but I try to overcome that with two mugs of coffee the next day. I am not that much punctual, the patients have to wait minimum two hours to get checked in the morning. But what can I say, I do this to decrease my suffering, I can’t see my patients suffer.  It’s a chain MISS Sarina. They abide by that.

Are you in a relationship?

Dr. B :Very much single and ready to mingle but the last girl just ditched me in a very unusual manner. She gave up our relationship just because I was posted in a remote village. I can’t believe that I dated her for 3 years! Love is Shit MISS Sarnia!  I will definitely marry someone some day. I am still young and some male doctors even get married in their 40’s.

Won’t you raise your voice against this injustice that is happening in you village? Don’t you want to ask the government to subside the treatment opportunities or provide other treatment options?

 Dr. B :MISS Sarnia, you are very much young. Are you in a relationship? (Not relevant to the question, he drifts from the question)… I tried to raise my VOICE, but the only thing that I am really good at is to raise a glass full of VODKA! Cheers!

(I like a section in the New Yorker called Shouts and Murmurs; I got inspired to write this from Mr.Ian  Frazier.)  

(Dr. B does not exist in real life and  any resemblance to anyone is purely coincidental)