Confessions About Marriage:

181230_539610816081319_1709117519_n“My whole life has been about studying, passing the exam and getting gratitude out of it. I am satisfied and comfortable with the way life is going through. I don’t want to complicate things and take the burden of relations on my tinny shoulder. I need to grow and in the way of life, if I find the perfect or close to the perfect match I shall consider marriage as an option. ”

“Are you kidding me? Marriage is for the 30’s and 40’s. I need to grow as a doctor, earn enough dignity and money to choose a wife. And oh! I don’t like a smartass hammering me every second on the road.”

“I am excited to get married very soon, I have been dreaming about it all my life and soon will be an appropriate time as you know the biological clock stops ticking after a certain age.”

“The last time you asked me a question about marriage, I was perplexed and I gave a very unrealistic answer but as the years have passed and I have been heartbroken and have come to the realization that a profession can make a big difference in what a person wants in the future. I want to marry someone who can guide me through my career. One seeks for professional gain through personal!”

“Being ambitious and running around being a free soul is what most women doctors in South East Asia seek but they get tied with social stigma and they are redeemed marriage unfit by the society if they seek to finish post graduation. If you want to be a success story in South East Asia, marriage is a must!”

“A perfect body, gushes of estrogen flowing through your arteries makes you an ideal woman for marriage, irrespective of any profession and degree. I am not one of those whinny girls who end up with fainting spells every time they attend the OR. So, if I get married it has to be someone who can specifically delete excessive drama and let one do what one wants! ”





Should Doctors Marry Doctors?

I asked this question in the free period that we had today; let’s look at some answers by my fellow co-mates:

“Marriage is a social institution. Crap! Can I start again? Well if you want me to define, it’s basically a huge compromise that one person does for the other. As a future doctor and If I may say so all doctors get into weird relationships, knowing that the other can’t give that much time for the other. I would never marry a doctor. Who will look after the kids?”

“I don’t want to marry a doctor. It’s going to be absolutely boring! I don’t want to bring stories of malaria and HIV in the dining table. Basically I want to increase my outreach of life. I want variety and I want someone who can speak in non-medical terms. I want normalcy! ”

“Before I entered med school I always thought that I would get married to a doctor but now I have a different perspective. Being a med student I realized that I don’t like med students and I don’t like doctors. No offence to anyone but it’s my personal opinion but most of them seem to be cold at heart”

“I absolutely don’t want to marry someone who can’t understand me. I might have night calls at 2AM in the night. Can a non medical person understand this? And I will have a hectic schedule, how can one manage such a life with me if that other person is not a doctor?”

“I like things that are absolutely contra indicatory to me. For this instance, I met this guy, who was completely opposite to me. He spoke stuff that I could not comprehend .But it seems that I do like this guy .I respect his profession and his dedication to his work and I think that he will do the same for me. So if you add mutual respect and love for each other then it would make the perfect relationship, No matter what! I don’t want to marry a profession. I want love and if you are reading this, let’s go on a date the next time we are in the same country!?”

“I would marry a doctor! Why? She would be my perfect soul mate. Will I sense competition between us? I might, If my spouse earns more money than me, then I could go into an inferiority complex but that’s life. How many men can you actually find who claim to be superior to their wife?”

“I am more business minded; I want to marry a doctor. I will refer patients to her and she would do the same for me. We will never go into an economic crisis in our life! ”

I actually had fun interviewing my friends today. Almost all of them seem confused but let’s all remember that love is blind and you never know what happens in life !

Happy Relationships people!

Save Your Countries Future! Family Planning Series (I)

The WHO defines Family Planning as the way of thinking and living adopted voluntarily, upon the basis of knowledge , attitudes, and responsible decisions by the individuals and couples , in order to promote the health and welfare of the family group and thus contribute effectively to the social development of the country.

What are the objectives of Family Planning?

• To promote unwanted births
• To promote wanted births
• To regulate good birth spacing between pregnancies
• To determine the number of children in the family
• To control the time at which births occur in relation to the ages of the parents.
• To promote good health of the mother

What is the minimum time difference between pregnancies?

2 years in minimum

What are the methods that are used in Family planning?

There are two basic divisions: Permanent and Temporary methods.

Permanent Methods include: (Minor Surgical Procedures)

• Vasectomy: Males
• Tubectomy: Females

Temporary Methods Include:

• Barrier methods like condoms, diaphragms, Jellies and Pastes
• IUD’s (Intra –Uterine Devices )
• Hormonal Method: Oral Contraceptive Pills, Injections, Subcutaneous Implants and Vaginal Rings
• Post- Conceptional Methods
• Miscellaneous Like Abstinence, Coitus Interuptus, Safe Period Etc

(I will be discussing these on an individual basis in my next posts)

More Common in Nepal: IUD’s (Intrauterine Devices) and Oral Contraceptive Pills.

Getting Married ? Get A Premarital Test Done!

Last week the Dawn Newspaper, a Pakistani daily published an article about premarital tests that are performed in Pakistan before marriage. Most people marry their cousins and as a result suffer different kinds of problems during pregnancy. Most pregnancies fail and chances are twice likely for the baby to be genetically abnormal.

In Nepal we do not see marriage practices among cousins, so it’s less likely that people will have problems during pregnancy but I do agree to the fact that every couple who is about to get married is better off getting certain tests done before they marched into the pathway of union.

Let’s look at some tests which are useful for assessment:

• Blood Grouping : ABO and Rh compatibility, Rh negative mom and Rh positive father might have complications during conceiving.

• STD’s tests

• Chromosomal test: by Karyotyping / FISH / SKY

• Familial history taking ( example: Huntington’s disease in the family , a movement disorder )

Some Misconception which need to be cleared:

• Women who have a single kidney can still get pregnant

• Any kind of erectile dysfunction of penis can be corrected

• Libido : Lack of sexual drive, will not rule out pregnancy.

• Bride Groom Frigidity : Common in our part of the world , also does not affect pregnancy, it also known as the first night fear for the bride and groom.

I guess the wedding season is going on in Nepal at this time, don’t panic If you haven’t done the above mentioned tests, chances are you are less likely to suffer from any complications. It’s not like most of you ask for prenuptial agreement before marriage but at least you can save yourself from unwanted future !

Happy Marriage People!