October : Invest In Your Chest! :Enjoy A Breast Cancer Free Life!

In October people around the world carry out Breast Cancer Awareness Programs by wearing Pink and supporting the Pink Ribbon. They educate themselves about the diseases and what are the early signs of the disease, further more they carry out support programs for those that have already developed breast cancer.

We all have suspected of having it in one point in our time, I was 17 , when I thought I had a lumpy area which was later dismissed by my mom to be nothing more than a bulging normal physiological growth.

First, let’s look at the predisposing factors that leads to Breast Cancer

  • Genetic Factor: Yes, If your close family member or first degree relative (like daughter, mother or sister ) had it then you might have chances of developing it
  • Age: It occurs mostly after the age of 40, least likely to be seen below 20years, when did you have your first period ?( also called Menarche ) , if you had your first period before the age of 11 years then there is 20% chances of developing the cancer.
  • Pregnancy and Lactation: If you get pregnant at an early age then you are protected from getting breast cancer, sucking action of the baby has proved to help prevent cancer
  • Sedentary Life style: Obese women after the age of 40 years are more likely to develop, before the age of 40years due to irregularity in the periods, these women are usually spared.
  • HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy): Women, especially post menopausal women who take artificial hormones are more at risk.
  • Exposure To Radiation: Women who have had a thyroid tumor removed by radiation have more chances, also women with Hogkins Disease (Lymphoid Tissue Cancer )
  • Carrying out Breast Biopsies: Breast Biopsy (taking cells from the body by using a needle) can also perpetuate the Cancer.
  • Drinking Habits: Drinking High Amounts of alcohol has shown the chances of development of Breast Cancer.

Second, let’s look at the symptoms that you might all look for, you must do a Self Breast Examination (SBE), by using your hand to palpate any lumpy or hard area.

  • Nipple discharge
  • Hardening of the Breast
  • Ulcerative Wound
  • Pain

Third, should you panic? No, get yourself to a screening program, where they do a mammography test, it’s an imaging technique which can visualize the inner part of the breast. Wait for the results to come out and consult with a good physician.

Fourth, you are left with the treatment possibilities

  • Mastectomy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Lobotomy

Fifth, there are thousands of women out there who don’t even know how and when to go to the doctor when the symptoms manifests. What you need to do as a women and as a man is to; Educate your colleagues and family members about it , as they always say, prevention is better than cure, you need to keep an eye on Your breasts .

Many women develop depression after mastectomy, as they think that they have lost their natural contour of the body, but they have many options like silicon breast implants which stimulate and mimic the natural breast. You should also support these women and help them avoid any depressive thoughts.

Happy Feeling People!