How To Create The First Impression ?

“You should have cleaned your teeth properly” He was actually angry by the fact that I cared less for oral hygiene. I am quoting my dentist. I have been avoiding a visit to that department for a very long time. Suddenly when I had some free time, I finally decided to get checked. He looked at it and said that I need Scaling and he also mentioned that I have stones in my teeth. I have very little knowledge about tooth and teeth related problems but I do know some facts that you might be interested.

The oral cavity starts from the lips and cheeks and ends at the back by the teeth and gum. We all brush our teeth, some people are quick and some people are fast at cleaning but are your sure the technique is right? Cleaning involves all the surfaces of the teeth, front and back and you must take time to do this properly. HNF’s first project included a segment which showed the children the technique to clean their teeth. I remember how enthusiastic the kids where when they were asked to show their cleaning technique.

Most Adults suffer from Gum Bleeding which signifies Gingivitis. Many of us don’t bother to report to the dentist for such a minor problem but we should consult immediately, the chances are you will be advised to do scaling and take an antibiotic course for 5 days. The best outcome of this is that you will get treated before hand and you won’t develop any chronic disease like Pyorrhoea Alveolaris. This is a painless condition which causes bad breath.

The first thing that you notice in a person is a bad breath and If you want don’t want to make the first impression your last impression, then go make that appointment! 10 ways to get a kissable mouth includes one point which suggests people to get the bleeding disease cured. Well think about that also and decide to make time for such a minor issue.

The human body has millions and millions of bacteria inside us. I was asked a true and false question based on that very fact in my microbiology exam, I said true and the question just kept on going until a point. My point is that the oral cavity has many microorganisms which are the normal inhabitants of the mouth but they can aggravate the disease if cleaning is not done properly and wisely on time like every day in the morning and in the night time. The residual food acts as the ground for bacterial action which can lead to dental caries and gingivitis.

Today I was taking a history of a patient and he was suffering from piles (hemorrhoids) for about a year, when I asked him why he did not come early when the bleeding started, he said that a little loss of blood did not stop him from doing the normal work and he also thought that the condition was not sever for a checkup. My conclusion is that he took matters in his hands and decided not to check. Similarly the scenario is applicable to adults who suffer from gingivitis (Gum Bleeding). The patient had chronically lost enough blood which lead to anemia and now has a fistula (abnormal communication between two organs), which requires surgery.

What I want to stress is that You must make decisions as soon as you understand certain danger signs, whether it’s is a bleed through the anus or even through your gums. You should be fast at decision making, Don’t Wait, If you love someone, say that to them today and If You have gum bleeding than go tell that to your dentist. Life gets dramatically better when you do both of the above mentioned things!

Happy Brushing People!