Global Hand Washing Day: Go Get Them Dirty!

My target audience has already passed that age when he or she is taught how to wash their hands and so basically don’t expect lines and lines of paragraphs which teach you how to wash your hand. I guess a 4 year old kid, wont and can’t open up my blog to read about how his hands should be cleaned.

So let’s look at some basic anatomy, we have 2 hands and while most of us are right dominant we use our right hand more frequently to itch, write, play and slap! We have 10 fingers to produce the finest movements possible, like to play the piano or to write extensive paragraphs of this article, the list goes on. We have 3 sets of bones in our hand, the Carpel group of bones, the metatarsal and the phalanges. Many people who play Basket Ball develop fractures of any of the set of the bones.

So what’s the big fuss about hand washing? Your hands are the most active part of your body, you reach out to people and any stuff through your hands, whether it’s holding your hands with your girlfriend or boyfriend or reaching out to pull an old person, it’s a very common means of getting in contact with someone. I am typing this article at the moment and prior to this, I have washed my hands over a dozen times. I use my hands to eat; it’s my new year’s resolution since Jan 2011, trust me, it makes the food taste better especially when you stay in a dorm.

Let’s look at my normal day, I have to go to the ward and god knows if the patient allows I have to palpate any of his or her organs and obviously the grossly contaminated hand has to cleaned immediately after. So yeah, I do wash my hands more frequently than the rest of the world because I have to indulge in peoples organs and there sweats, most of my non med friends tell me to wear gloves when doing that and I laugh at their concern, each and every med student has to feel the organ or the boundary of a swelling or ulcer as accurately as possible to get the desired diagnosis right in time to pass.

So you work in an office, have no contact with any person and you continuously work with your computer, do you need hand washing? The answer is simple, yes you do! We cannot see most of the germs that attack us and that’s why they are called micro organisms so don’t be careless when it comes to hand washing because the computer’s typing buttons may be contracting and harvesting the very organisms that may perpetuate the disease. So go ahead have a wonderful meal at home but do wash your hands prior to eating even If you use a spoon and fork!

Happy Hand Washing People!