How Sleep Pattern Improves Class Record?

It’s a pleasant Friday morning. If you are spending the weekend in the dorm that means that you have to abide by some rules, like for example to sleep excessively, even when your biological clock says that sleep is enough.

You check the digital clock and remind yourself that you need to sleep some more to compensate for the other working days. Then you end up getting these paradoxical dreams where you utter medical terms and remind yourself that you are caught up in your own dream and that you can’t wake up from it. I am just imaging that this kind of stuff happens in Coma patients, where they get trapped in the body. You wake up when only someone knocks or the cleaning lady makes enough noise to wake you up.

Good Morning or Afternoon in different parts of the world. This is my story, a sleep deprived story. This is not much of a content based article; neither has it described a disease manifestation. This is my story of how I interpret sleep.

The other day, despite the ringing alarm bells, I decided to doze off for just few minutes extra. I woke up at 7:23 (Classes start at 7:30) which made me give this sudden jerk,which usually wakes you from the bed.  I got ready and dragged myself to the common dining table, just to chew some breakfast. And since, I religiously follow my dietary habits, I decided to spend 5 mins in that process.

The story does not end there as well, after few minutes of teaching the teacher then abruptly asks me something. I was partially asleep during the time. I think my throat was not even cleared at that time. I panicked as I usually do, and I uttered something out, negative marking she screamed, you will fail if you ever utter that again.

I sat there in demise. How did that happen? Despite the fact that I had read the exact disease the previous day and the answer that I uttered was in Bold letters, but I uttered the contra indicatory answer.

Does my inability to sleep on time and wake up accordingly affect my performance in class? The very next day, I decided to sleep two hour early than the usual and I sat on the same desk as before, waiting for my hypothesis to be cleared, this time a sir asked, I could answer with utmost confidence and without anxiety.

So you see, create your own hypothesis and get them proved on your own manner and don’t wait for the BMJ or the AMJ to prove your hypothesis. Having a bad performance record in class? Try maintaining a sleep pattern, trust me it works!