Do You Have Social Manners ?

What makes you a Social Person?

• You would prefer to go to social gatherings and also arrange gatherings of those sorts.

• You would also engage in meaningful conversation with the people around you.

• You do not need to be drunk to be a social person.

What is your Personality?

Generally people are of two types, extroverts and introverts.

Extroverts are able to engage themselves with the social crowd more often than the introverts. Introverts tend to be selective and they always keep matters to themselves. Now, many people fall within both of these categories. It’s basically a personality trait and neither is superior to the other. The Chances are extroverts tend to get emotionally hurt easily than the introverts. Most probably it is due to the fact that extroverts put themselves out there in the social circuit and expect people to give them the same feedback.

What should be done?

Personality is a trait that you develop when you are an Infant. You mimic your mom or dad when you are a child and slowly the process of development progresses until adolescence ( 14-18) .

What makes your personality as an adult?

The personality that you develop when you are an adult is a mixture of you childhood home discipline and the way you want to develop and lead your life. Have to say, that women drastically improve the personality of Men after marriage. Smartness and personality are two different traits and it is proved by several examples. Women (spouse) help you improve the personality defect.

How to overcome the social phobia?

1.Go to a doctor, he will prescribe some beta blocker for the anxiety attack that you get when you meet new people

2.Make eye contact with the people that you might meet especially when you need to make a strong point.

3.Make sure that you don’t have sweat issues like when shaking someone’s hand you might have excess sweat in your hand ( tell this to your doctor)

4.Make sure the first handshake is tight and heavy, makes the first impression more Better

5.Avoid making jokes, do a background check up. Make sure that you don’t bore the other person or friends by cracking some Sci-Fi jokes when all the people are business students. Be funny but just to be safe avoid any jokes for the first visit.

I love making new friends and meeting new people, partly because I grew up in a diplomatic household. But today even after meeting several people I am nervous and when I overcome that fear , I make the best social conversations with anyone !

Happy Conversing people!