The Day : Good Bye Nepal!

I am like a material which gets parceled in and out of my country. It does not make a difference, to the wide majority of people, if I was here to increase the population of Nepal for several days. Everyone is busy with whatever daily activities that they are doing. I come at a time when friends and family are so engaged in what they do, that it breaks my heart to ask them to stop doing that routine to spend some time with me. I don’t complain. I love the silence, the self satisfaction of doing something so peacefully that it makes me reach another dimension of life.

Life of a TCK is very simple. Your country seems to be a vacation spot. It’s my appearance most probably, the side bag that I always carry around my hips, gives a false illusion. The shopkeepers ask me if I want stones and I have actually been successful in making everyone believe that I am a tourist in my own country. I carry that side bag for three reasons, a) to keep my belongings b) to have enough space for something that I like to buy and c) to make the false illusion. I actually like the extra attention that people give. I have always been receiving it since I was a kid in different areas of the world.

My last day is mixed with emotions of guilt, anticipation and my appetite suddenly increases to a certain extent. The reason for the later is the fact that my self- conscious mind makes a good point; I can’t enjoy this food from tomorrow so let’s gulp as much food as possible. My weight always invariably increases over the vacation.

Garden of Dreams was the last stop in my map. Who says that this place is solely used for snuggling? Yeah sure, it is actually a hub for couples and if you are one of them, there is a private spot for you guys, you just need to climb several steps to reach there. Dragging my mat and elbow rester, I reached the center. The natural beauty that beholds you is amazing, add the music of the birds and water flowing nearby, it does make you wander is this heaven after all? I had to drag myself from there, it was not easy to say goodbye.

Summarizing my stay in Nepal in one sentence, I would have to say, extremely peaceful and self sedating. Starting from the Health Camps that I stayed in and the catching up with old DAV friends to the time when I went to My Republica to attend the chit chat session. Each and every memory gets stored in the fun side of the brain; making memories like theses which gets automatically stored up without any memorizations are the ones that last longer.

I am very much addicted to my country, my people and my family. I will miss the people, the variety of faces, the variety of dialogues and their unending battle to survive in one of the poorest countries in the world. I will miss the occasional fights by couples in the local bus or the time when I had to travel in a microbus with more than 30 people. I will miss the patients, that described their symptoms in pure Nepali, I will miss the way I tried to counsel them for a diseases, It’s a new experience overall. I will even miss the stuffy smell in the roads that throw unconditional house waste, It’s my country, it’s my pride and no matter how anyone try to undermine it by calling the roads, or the garbage management poor , I will always appreciate the good’s and the worst of my country without any bias.

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“Before I learn how to Walk, I already knew How to fly”.

“Before I learn how to Walk, I already knew How to fly”. It’s unlikely for  my brother to tag me in a video when he knows that I have such a bad internet connection. After I viewed that, I could not agree less with the quote. The video describes the life of 4 people who are juggling lifestyles.  They travel from one country to another and adapt to different cultures and along the journey, they lose the sense of belonging.

Born and raised in Kathmandu, I have been flying in and out of the country since I was 5 years old. If it weren’t for dads diplomatic mission job abroad, I would not be writing this article.  The First time when I left the country,I did not even realize that we were out of our native land, until I started missing my grandparents and other family members.

Nepal has 32 diplomatic missions abroad and we are among the 100 families who leave Nepal for a term of four years. Each year almost 200 to 300 kids experience something out of the ordinary. For instance, they get a wider range of opportunities to experience the world first hand and get acquainted to different languages and ideas that each country offers.

Some well-known TCK from Nepal include :Shisnuta Basnet, a leading pediatrician working in Phokhara, Mr. Anil Shah-the CEO of Mega Bank and Nischal Basynet who shows that academic excellence is obtainable when he recently got awarded the Hopes Prize and Harvard Cambridge Scholarship.

Most of us spent significant part of our developmental years outside. We grew up in a cross cultural childhood and assimilated different cultural elements into life experiences. I remember those lovely green Christmas trees in Beijing and the nature of how they celebrate it. I still like to host a Christmas Eves Dinner Party each year to celebrate the festival. My relatives think that I am over smart and consider that as an offence as it does not comply with the normal rules of being a Hindu but I care less for their comments.

New change and challenge is a part of my life and every now and then I want to be in Nepal, China, Saudi Arabia, India, UAE, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Israel. When you become a third Culture Kid, home is everywhere and home is where your parents. I have been judged by the way I look at things, I have been asked If I was Patriotic or not? The answer is simple, I love my motherland as she gave me my identity, my nationality but I want to bring so many ideas and cultures to her when I come back.

I made many friends on the way but if you don’t find a sense of belonging with them, you end up being in the crowd all alone.  It actually very hard to find people who have similar outlooks of life. I find comfort in constant movement from one place to another.

There are many third Culture Kids around the world and I want them to know that they are not alone!  If you cannot find that connection with people stop coping with  that issue . Surrendering is not an option, you have to stand up and find other people like you, share experiences and learn from each other.

I was not born a Third Culture Kid, It chooses me! Even If I get a chance to trade my life to be a non-TCK, I would pass of the offer as I know that I can do so much for my country with this varied knowledge inside me.

Life Of A TCK

Movement becomes the favorite play and friends seem to be like distant relatives.

You move, adapt and move on. This is my story. I have stayed in China, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

My story starts from school.

First, adapt to the environment, the greatest challenge that one can face.

They listened to the latest English songs. I forced myself to listen to the songs over the radio, tried to memorize few songs, henceforth, I obeyed.

They said that nail polish was a trendy thing in school, wearing it, you could be in their circle, and so I obeyed.

They said that adding English phrases in sentences was a cool thing; I started it with difficulty, for all I did was obey.

They said, you must show attitude, I tried and failed but I am sure I tried my best to obey.

They said, I need to study some more to be their friend, I tried but never got above the V.Good range, and I obeyed.

They said that you need to play Basketball to be a friend; I tried all that I could to play that game, and I obeyed.

They said that you need to be slim and trim in order to be their friend, I skipped lunch breaks just to be their friend, and I obeyed.

They said that I could never make it as I writer; I stopped writing for 4 years. I obeyed.

They said that you need to read novels to be their friend; I forced my dad to buy as much books as he could. I obeyed.

They said that, getting in a relationship was a cool thing, I failed. But I am sure that I obeyed.

They said that I need improvement be their friend. Then I finally said : I disobey, disobey, and disobey!