The Day : Good Bye Nepal!

I am like a material which gets parceled in and out of my country. It does not make a difference, to the wide majority of people, if I was here to increase the population of Nepal for several days. Everyone is busy with whatever daily activities that they are doing. I come at a time when friends and family are so engaged in what they do, that it breaks my heart to ask them to stop doing that routine to spend some time with me. I don’t complain. I love the silence, the self satisfaction of doing something so peacefully that it makes me reach another dimension of life.

Life of a TCK is very simple. Your country seems to be a vacation spot. It’s my appearance most probably, the side bag that I always carry around my hips, gives a false illusion. The shopkeepers ask me if I want stones and I have actually been successful in making everyone believe that I am a tourist in my own country. I carry that side bag for three reasons, a) to keep my belongings b) to have enough space for something that I like to buy and c) to make the false illusion. I actually like the extra attention that people give. I have always been receiving it since I was a kid in different areas of the world.

My last day is mixed with emotions of guilt, anticipation and my appetite suddenly increases to a certain extent. The reason for the later is the fact that my self- conscious mind makes a good point; I can’t enjoy this food from tomorrow so let’s gulp as much food as possible. My weight always invariably increases over the vacation.

Garden of Dreams was the last stop in my map. Who says that this place is solely used for snuggling? Yeah sure, it is actually a hub for couples and if you are one of them, there is a private spot for you guys, you just need to climb several steps to reach there. Dragging my mat and elbow rester, I reached the center. The natural beauty that beholds you is amazing, add the music of the birds and water flowing nearby, it does make you wander is this heaven after all? I had to drag myself from there, it was not easy to say goodbye.

Summarizing my stay in Nepal in one sentence, I would have to say, extremely peaceful and self sedating. Starting from the Health Camps that I stayed in and the catching up with old DAV friends to the time when I went to My Republica to attend the chit chat session. Each and every memory gets stored in the fun side of the brain; making memories like theses which gets automatically stored up without any memorizations are the ones that last longer.

I am very much addicted to my country, my people and my family. I will miss the people, the variety of faces, the variety of dialogues and their unending battle to survive in one of the poorest countries in the world. I will miss the occasional fights by couples in the local bus or the time when I had to travel in a microbus with more than 30 people. I will miss the patients, that described their symptoms in pure Nepali, I will miss the way I tried to counsel them for a diseases, It’s a new experience overall. I will even miss the stuffy smell in the roads that throw unconditional house waste, It’s my country, it’s my pride and no matter how anyone try to undermine it by calling the roads, or the garbage management poor , I will always appreciate the good’s and the worst of my country without any bias.

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V day in Nepal and Dharara:

The Nepalese people have decided to make Valentine’s Day their official day of love. Despite its Christian origin, it has served to spread love among Hindus mostly. The Hustle and Bustle in the shopping malls and the parallel investments by businessmen on this day has made it the second largest event after Dashain and Tihar.

In my quest to make this day memorable, I decided t climb Dharara. Dharara is a tall historical architecture/tower which is located in the city centre. It has successfully captivated many foreigners over the years.

It served three purposes during an era:

a) It acted as an information centre; people around the valley were informed about any happenings.  It probably acted as a loud speaker at the time, when Kathmandu had few houses only, it’s quite convenient to convey something when people at that time, did not have televisions or radios that could distract them and they hardly had any motor vehicles that brought noise pollution.

b) It was used to check the general population’s buildings. The Rana dynasty apparently made a rule at that time; the commoners were prohibited from building houses greater than theirs.

c) It is also said that the government kept an eye on the overall socioeconomic condition of the people by checking the smokes that came from the chimneys. People who failed to produce smoke indicated that they were going through a financial difficulty and food was not available. They then enquired about the difficulty.

d) It was used as a sightseeing tower, must say the view from Dharara is extra ordinary. You can actually visualize the valley from a 360 degree angle.   I don’t see why most of the Nepalese people take this monument for granted. Most of the people do not  want to make time to visit it once in their life time.

Kathmandu city was filled with couples; the love was in the air. Women were dressed in Red and few men dared to wear the color of love as well.  Nepal readily accepts any culture and despite the fact that we have a very low GDP, it seems that we are rich in the Gross National Happiness.

Someone asked me why girls blush when they get a red rose on V- day? The possible explanation: it’s the increase in estrogen that dilates the superficial blood vessels in her face. Doctors will always encourage love but they advise safe sexual practices and responsibility. Recently, the UK Health Protection Agency launched its week long awareness campaign on sexually transmitted infections. If awareness campaigns for STD were coincided with the month of love, it’s actually makes sense and the emerging couples have a very good reason to listen to these message and it make the event worthwhile as well.

Dharara gives you breathlessness for about 3-5 minutes, which is later followed by this extreme excitement to view Kathmandu. It also makes you want to visit that place again and scream as loud as you can to check if it serves the purpose of information centre.

I am quoting a tweet by WHO, please take a time to ponder on what it has to say: “Valentine’s Day is not only for “young” people! Anyone can celebrate it with their parents and grandparents.”

Going Where The Wind Blows! Sylhet Trip In Short!

I am going to make this as short as possible; I don’t want my readers to get bored.

Have you ever felt like you were the centre of attraction? People give you that glare, just because you are wearing simple jeans.

Well, this happened and I was not bothered by it. The trip was much unplanned; we were supposed to return back to the dorm, if we did not find the bus tickets, luckily we did. This trip taught me several different things:

• Be as random as possible if you want to have fun.

• Always trust the waiter, when he says that the food is very spicy and hot , believe him!

• Think outside the box: Just because I am a medical student, I have confined myself to patients and diseases. Life is beyond that!

• Look around: the majority of the people earn 500 taka per month and sustain on that, there is so much poverty around and I should stop complaining about getting an iphone.

• Enjoy the forest; close your eyes and listen to the birds and enjoy this beautiful thing called nature

• You don’t need the opposite sex to accompany you to trips! If you are educated and know what’s wrong and what is right and also have great friends than you can have the best time of your life.

• People who live in cities other than the capital city tend to be more friendly and helpful!

• If you are not a tea drinker then try drinking it, one of the most frequent things that I did in this trip was drink tea. Even had the famous 7 layers of tea, which this city claims to be their master piece.

• Go on a trip, if you a workaholic. You have to understand the ground reality!

• One of the most avid traits that I achieved in this trip was that I dared to dream and we all dared to travel. This is one of the most essential personality traits which a doctor / women requires .

I hope many of you plan similar trips with your friends as well!

Have a Safe Trip People!