Men! Get Your Fertility Facts Right!

As I promised, today’s post is about the causes of infertility in men.  Check out some points:

Failure to produce spermatozoa in sufficient numbers and with the capacity to fertilize:

Due to Developmental Anomalies:

  • Incomplete development of the testis
  • Late descent of the testis from the abdomen, also known as the undecented testis.


  • Prior Mumps infection (you do know this, right?, it’s a swelling like infection that happens in your face ), other severe infectious fevers including influenza or Chlamydia infection occurring after the age f 14 years .
  • The inflammation of the testis that occurs during mumps is called orchitis which complicates sperm production in 25-50 % of the cases. Tuberculosis and syphilis also contributes to infertility

  Acquired causes:

  • Prior exposure to any kind of radiation, any trauma to the testis, operation like after vasectomy which produces antibodies against the sperm. Heat exposure of the testes, heat impairs spermatogenesis, at least temporarily; frequent hot baths or wearing of non porous nylon garments may have this effect. (Advise: keep the laptop away from your scrotal region)

Depression of the testicular activity by:

  • Certain Endocrinology Disorders: Thyrotoxicosis (Hyperthyroidism), Diabetic Mellitus
  • Drug intake like: Steroids in high doses, anti androgens, cimetidine and cannabis, nicotine and alcohol. (Seriously smoking is bad and alcohol too!)


Fertility diminishes after the age of 40 years although spermatogenesis continues until old age. (Men: something to think about, settle down in your 30’s, have fun until 35, then start planning your dynasty, like you people listen to me, giving free advice anyways)

Bilateral Obstruction of the Epididymis, the Vas or the Ejaculatory duct:

  • Congenital anomalies of the Vas, epididymis
  • This happens following any surgery involving the genital area
  • due to infection especially due to T.B or Gonorrhea

Failure to deposit spermatozoa in the vagina:

  • This happens in Impotence, when the penis is unable to be emit the semen in the vagina but erection and penetration takes place.
  • Premature ejaculation (emission of the semen prior to penetration)
  • abnormalities of the penis like in phimosis ( narrowing of the penile part of the urethra )
  • Retrograde ejaculation in the bladder is a possibility, it happens after prostate surgery
  • certain drugs which effect ejaculation include beta blockers ,alpha blockers, anti depressants

Abnormal semen quality and quantity:

You need the right amount of semen to be fertile; a very low and very high semen quantity is not good.

The quality and morphology of the sperm are equally important.


In any series of infertile marriages the main etiological factor is found in the females in about 40% of cases about 35% of the husbands concerned have some degree of infertility.

Get checked if you and your partner are unable to conceive after 12-18  months of unprotected sexual intercourse.

You can do a fertility test before marriage to avoid any unwanted future; it consists of gross assessment of the reproductive organs and semen analysis for men.

Fertility is an overrated topic, people get worried very quickly but the fact is that if things are meant to be they will happen eventually.

Don’t worry!

Stay Fertile People!