Overrated junior doctors!

There was no hesitation when I decided to do MBBS, nearly five and half years back. I just left what normal kids do during my age, giving SATs, applying colleges abroad but “No” I was so fixated to one and only goal to get a better GPA and proceed to a med school. Little did I know that life would change forever after finishing that degree! Professional wise, I am still a needle in haystack, a junior, a learner but yet the society gives it a highest accord available. Society overrates junior doctors!

No, I am not an almighty! If prescribing simple over the counter medicines makes me get the same status as of a god then I decline to get that decree. I am as normal as most people, at least, I try to show that I am normal. There are days when I am painstaking waiting for the clock to strike to two thirty and leave from work.

Education wise, I may have proved myself but the professionalism attached to being a doctor has still not gotten in my veins. Being a doctor is pretty similar to business men of any kind. The only difference is that businessmen would sell merchandise of any sort and doctors sell medicine and treatment to save lives.

Things like what it means to be a doctor aren’t taught in med school. Factors like how you treat patients are not taught in med school, which makes us come to the conclusion that the personality that you had or developed over the years becomes the highlight of your career. Since med school caters less to what most med students are like, those that have the objectively unsuitable personlaity do not get filtered in the process.

Personality is cumulative of what parents teach at home and how they confidently project it to the society. There were several days, when I struggled to be people friendly. It was not a smooth teenage hood, cracking out of the self made delusion of being the superior individual was the first step. The following steps involved, engaging with everyone in an event, including those people that you always thought were mean to you and the last is the art of pleasing people instantly.

So how did a people pleasing person have doubts about being perfect for the job?  Every day is an event, every minute is a gala event now-and-then there are moments, when I completely want to forget that I can be an instant charmer. It’s stressful as it is and communication is another factor which detaches me from making a connection.

Five and half years of med school has made us to excel at collecting information and storing  them in our memory but it fails to produce quality doctors. Med schools cannot make there student’s realize what it means to be “practicing”. The power to execute a decision, actual duty hours, and endless patients to please are not as easy as they show in television sitcoms.

Med school should filter student’s worth of the job of empathy and should introduce actual internship related job earlier than the course offers (for this, my organization Health Nepal Foundation, will be focusing in the upcoming years), otherwise countries will produce doctors with the highest record of burnout physicians!


Confessions About Marriage:

181230_539610816081319_1709117519_n“My whole life has been about studying, passing the exam and getting gratitude out of it. I am satisfied and comfortable with the way life is going through. I don’t want to complicate things and take the burden of relations on my tinny shoulder. I need to grow and in the way of life, if I find the perfect or close to the perfect match I shall consider marriage as an option. ”

“Are you kidding me? Marriage is for the 30’s and 40’s. I need to grow as a doctor, earn enough dignity and money to choose a wife. And oh! I don’t like a smartass hammering me every second on the road.”

“I am excited to get married very soon, I have been dreaming about it all my life and soon will be an appropriate time as you know the biological clock stops ticking after a certain age.”

“The last time you asked me a question about marriage, I was perplexed and I gave a very unrealistic answer but as the years have passed and I have been heartbroken and have come to the realization that a profession can make a big difference in what a person wants in the future. I want to marry someone who can guide me through my career. One seeks for professional gain through personal!”

“Being ambitious and running around being a free soul is what most women doctors in South East Asia seek but they get tied with social stigma and they are redeemed marriage unfit by the society if they seek to finish post graduation. If you want to be a success story in South East Asia, marriage is a must!”

“A perfect body, gushes of estrogen flowing through your arteries makes you an ideal woman for marriage, irrespective of any profession and degree. I am not one of those whinny girls who end up with fainting spells every time they attend the OR. So, if I get married it has to be someone who can specifically delete excessive drama and let one do what one wants! ”




Which Patient Are You?

 I am back to the comfortable zone of writing a blog post after a while. Do not expect me to be regular when the boards are coming, (it’s this January).

The other day when I was attending to an old lady, this is somewhere in Naxal, in a small clinic for patients who seek medical attention for free. I was taking her history as usual. Later on, when a board certified doctor examined her and gave her medications for the illness, she left the clinic as usual but I was curious to know about how she felt about the interaction with the doctor.

So in the next subsequent minutes, I exchanged a few words of reassurance to her and she just smiled and gave me blessing to become a better doctor in the future. The story ends there but then I started to realize that reassuring a patient is very essential from the treatment perspective.

So in the next few hours, I reassured the next ten patients who were in the list to get diagnosed and even when the senior doctor already gave them a quick reassurance, they liked the way I tried to explain the same fact again, this time taking more of their time and mine to do so. In my quest to find the solution between the endless distance between doctors and patients, I have come to analyze patients as well. The classification is as follows:

The “Grumpy kind”: These people don’t publicly share their dislike for the way the doctor’s handled them. They go home, complain about how the doctor handled his/her case. These people are opportunistic when it comes to expressing their dislike towards doctors.

The” Violent kind”: Now, we have had heard stories about doctors getting beaten by patients. But let’s take a look at what I have to say about this: Doctor’s are responsible citizens who aim to protect and care for the sick and needy. Mistakes are not preventable. There are ways of handling situations where mistakes are unacceptable but violence is not one of them. I will have to say that patients like these are idiotic in nature. Either they don’t know terms like ” sue ” and ” law” or its the natural spontaneity of these people to act in the way that they just did.

The “I don’t believe in doctor’s kind”: These people believe in supernatural power of healing and have absolute no intention of visiting the doctor at any cost.  Either coming to the doctor is the last resort or things seem unfavorable in the supernatural department.

If you are a patient and if you want satisfaction during a visit to the doctors clinic, write to healthnepal11(dot)gmail. Share us your stories and help us make better doctors for the future. Health Nepal Foundation is keen to decrease the gap between the patients and doctors and we want to improve the health care system in Nepal.

What Is The Value Of Medical Students?

  • You have value. Your value lies in the knowledge that you built inside, which you have worked on for all these years. You cherish the fact that the general people call you “Dr shaheeb” even though you haven’t received the degree yet.
  • You accept the fact that this degree is going to make you a better person because you will be prescribing some medications however minor it is, (albendazole for example) it’s going to make someone else feel better.
  • People often want reassurance and they want someone to be there for them. Everybody gets lonely at times, mix that with an ailment, definitely they seek extra attention. Very few people carefully listen to someone when they get sick and we are those people who offers them that service. Tell me another profession who deals with such delicate human moments?
  • If you find passion for what you do, no matter how painful the job seems be, no matter how much personal space that you have to compromise. At the end of the day when you get praised for just checking someone’s blood pressure or just talking to them about their problem. Everything is worth it!
  • Our profession comes with great knowledge and power. People respect you for whatever that you could do for them. For example if doctor tweets about a women patient who moaned while doing a PV examination, do you think those statements are ethical for us? We have this tag with us; we are the society’s most respected and trustworthy people, if we started sharing personal details about patients, however little it may be what would remain of us?
  • You will find mental peace and ultimate satisfaction when the day comes. “Rome was not built-in one day “the most common quote used widely, applies to our profession as well. You have value if you make it valuable and nobody can be successful unless and until you keep on doing what you are doing, over and over again!

Share in your views.  What makes you value our profession/ degree?

Ten Reasons Why You Will Fall For Med students / Doctors:

  1. Social Status: It does sound cool, when you announce that your GF/BF is a doctor. Everybody goes like” whooo doctor” (this is coming from a non medical friend of mine).  Well, doctors do earn much social status over the years.
  2. Money Maker: A board certified doctor earns more than 5 Lakhs per year approximately. A doctor definitely gets his desired amount as his knowledge becomes more enriched by practice over the years. (You can afford that planned vacation to Italy).
  3. Bed side hospital: Just giving an instance, when the Nepal Bandha strike happens, (it’s a strike that causes transportation to shut down in the country) and if you are suffering from a medical emergency, your doctor is at your bedside.
  4. Personality Charmer: Most meds develop amazing personality characteristics. As the years pass by, they gain more details about the human body; it’s likely that they will sweep you off the floor with their charismatic nature!
  5. Broad Minded:  Doctors don’t make sexiest categorizations (if you know what I mean); they view men and women equally as human beings.
  6. Perseverance: By the time a med finishes his/her course, they a will turn into people who are extremely patient and self enduring. They take things slowly and I guess, this is what people like about med’s.
  7. Conversation which yields a diagnosis:  having conversations with med’s about any disease that you encounter prior to the hospital, can make your diagnosis and treatment more efficiently than the usual round of sharing awkward details with unknown doctors. Need OCP’s or Viagra pills, well there you go! ( Or any other medication, just making a point that you don’t need to be shy when it comes to asking for prescriptions about such drugs )
  8.  Family Politics:  Most meds avoid any politics, chances of having a fight in the family is very limited when you have a med.
  9. Unlimited Medical Encyclopedia: It’s nice to have someone with varied knowledge, who can tell 10 causes of hemoptysis (coughing out of blood) like as if it was a nursery rhyme and many more unheard details about the human body.
  10. Understanding: It’s an individual that we are talking about, whose primary motive in this world, is to serve humanity; I don’t see why you won’t fall in love with such individuals. They detect any abnormal pulse rate, they understand every breath that you inhale and exhale and they can read your every heartbeat.

Happy Falling People!