Parents, Patriotism, Point!

I am a student!

student is a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution. I am a student, have been since four. My parents graciously allowed me to be a student..I am so lucky to be literate and be able to decide what I want to be. So what makes me write this? Its 2:30 AM when I am fighting with sleep and memorization, I ask myself “Who am I?” I could easily answer by saying my name, my address, my father’s name but at that instant the words that were uttered were ” I am a Student ..a Medical student.”

This phase that we have before assuming our responsibilities is what many people called the most amazing time of  life. Some of them say “we had a blast in college  …the craziest time of my life,’ etc. Many medical students answer by saying “It was full of countless days of sleeplessness and stress”. I am not bragging about the stress that we go through but just to prove a point that we lead a very abnormal life.

While some of us enjoy as much as we can, there are some of us who are busy  in actually utilizing their youth towards their countries development and some of us are busy writing articles like this one. If I am correct, 80% of the youth are interested to have fun and 20% actually do something substantial for their country and for themselves. I don’t mean to imply that the majority lack love for their country but they are not ready to carry the burden of being patriotic. Ask me which group I fall into? I would say neither. Can you see a wingless bird fly in the sky; well let’s say I am one of them. By the time I realized what patriotism was, my wings were clipped off, but luckily I can grow them back.

Lack of proper motivation from home and from college is the real culprit. To motivate a person, you require attraction, a worthy leader to guide you and finally assure them that a reward is waiting. What most parents do is break this chain and give them the reward beforehand. That doesn’t make them the culprit either; it just proves that they want more for their child, more than what they had when they were young. This overwhelming love is satisfaction for them but a downfall for their children.

We all have our own experiences and good memories about college and high school. We gather knowledge on how to survive and be independent. We learn hard facts about life and mature accordingly. I accept that we are “Nobody” right now, don’t have a bank balance, we eat cheap food available in the menu, wear the same clothes over and over again. We walk more and travel in the local bus. At the end of the day when you finish your dad’s money and get broke, you ask yourself “why didn’t I save that extra money?” and often do more “window shopping” and dream of buying everything in that store one day.




Block Moments : Screwed Otolaryngology!

First of all, you would like to know, what “Block” means. Well, Blocks are rotations, clinical rotations, rapid fire rotations at different centers of the hospital where medical students try to learn the overall know- how of how things are done right before they give their final MBBS exams.

So apparently, we got 10 days at ENT. It started off with theory memorization, followed by a period of extreme fatigue where I completely stopped the routine memorizing part. It’s likely if you try to finish the entire syllabus in one go.

ENT is fun, well limited diseases and a good book to read as well but seriously the matter is the other way around.  With limited knowledge comes with favorite answers. Stuff like, he wants to hear the answer like that and he likes that question more. We don’t have much stuff to do practically, the viva is theory based and some questions will guide you through the exam.

Here’s how I messed or screwed my Block final:

It took me a while to realize that I can’t take ENT for granted. (This was after the Viva of course)

One of the sentences in S.K. DE states that learning is permanently stored in your brain when you utter the answer; temporal part of the brain receives it and faster the memorization. Well apparently in the quest to learn each and every disease that the book has to offer, you stop to utter after a while.

Well obviously the verbal part is the major factor in practicing for a viva. Cut the verbal practice out, you will get informed for written MCQ questions but you can’t even master written questions without the  practice.

How did the Block final go?

I screwed big time, not at my level. The mistakes that you make in the Viva table guide you to your next question and this is a viscous cycle of mistakes and more complex questions and ultimately you go nowhere.

What do I do next?

Next block is ophthalmology. Apparently I have to mix that block with Gynecology, so it’s going to bit more hectic than ever. I like to stay positive when things gets messed up, it opened my eyes for ophthalmology (doesn’t that rhyme?) and other blocks that are approaching in the upcoming days.

What should you plan be ?

PRIORITISE! That’s what I keep telling myself. You have to finish studying the common diseases before you master the uncommon ones. Exams are fun when you make the examiner jump into your direction, by guiding him/her through the stuff that you have studied. I am not an expert on how exams should be but the thing is, it’s very easy to give a bad exam but it takes many days of early morning memorization and focus to give a very good exam.

Wish you a good exam people!



What Is The Value Of Medical Students?

  • You have value. Your value lies in the knowledge that you built inside, which you have worked on for all these years. You cherish the fact that the general people call you “Dr shaheeb” even though you haven’t received the degree yet.
  • You accept the fact that this degree is going to make you a better person because you will be prescribing some medications however minor it is, (albendazole for example) it’s going to make someone else feel better.
  • People often want reassurance and they want someone to be there for them. Everybody gets lonely at times, mix that with an ailment, definitely they seek extra attention. Very few people carefully listen to someone when they get sick and we are those people who offers them that service. Tell me another profession who deals with such delicate human moments?
  • If you find passion for what you do, no matter how painful the job seems be, no matter how much personal space that you have to compromise. At the end of the day when you get praised for just checking someone’s blood pressure or just talking to them about their problem. Everything is worth it!
  • Our profession comes with great knowledge and power. People respect you for whatever that you could do for them. For example if doctor tweets about a women patient who moaned while doing a PV examination, do you think those statements are ethical for us? We have this tag with us; we are the society’s most respected and trustworthy people, if we started sharing personal details about patients, however little it may be what would remain of us?
  • You will find mental peace and ultimate satisfaction when the day comes. “Rome was not built-in one day “the most common quote used widely, applies to our profession as well. You have value if you make it valuable and nobody can be successful unless and until you keep on doing what you are doing, over and over again!

Share in your views.  What makes you value our profession/ degree?

Med Students : Book Smart or Practical Smart ?

There are different ways of classifying med students, check out how I classified them according to a disease:

Book Smart: These individuals are naturally born with inherited genes, which facilitate their memorizing process.  So, naturally they are to be seen with their books and lectures all day. Also they don’t even miss any single point for any disease causation. For instance, clubbing, it’s a thing that happens in your nail folds, it indicates several diseases. There are many cause, the book smart people will tell you all the 20 diseases that could result to that.

Practical Smart: These people are normal, average goers with a twist. They can be Book smart if they wished but they find studying the same material twice insignificant. These people relay on residual class knowledge and, they pick up the material which the teacher says in class. Ask them the cause of clubbing; they will give you 15 points.

The wanna be Book Smart: Med school is mostly about impression. How was your class record? How many questions did you ask the teacher? How much curiosity do you show to a particular disease? How do you behave in general? Well, theses people show their best impression to the teachers.  They try to be book smart people but the only difference is that they know 12-15 causes of clubbing.

The Perfect Smart People: these people are rare, because they actually understand what it means to be in a med school.  They are extremely smart and they are book smart as well as practical smart. They are the true gems of each batch. If you identify people like them, stick with them, you can learn so much from them. They know 30 causes of clubbing, if you asked.

No matter what smart you are, you are smart because you got into a med school. Each group of med students has their own significance.  Most book smarts end up getting a MD degree in Medicine and Practical Smart end up getting surgery degrees.

Life doesn’t end with MBBS; you have thousands of opportunities besides this. So, stick with what you are doing good at and stay smart!

( I kind of got this inspiration to write this from the famous TV series Apprentice )

Happy Smartness people!